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> Sorry for wasting a thread, but I'm Daniel, born and bred Australian, with
> European heritage!!!
> 22 years old, currently a student, and a real passionate football fan, which
> I can easily say is by far the most interesting most loved thing in life for
> me (outside of the way a female is put together).
> As some of you may know by now , yes I am an Arsenal fan, and generally
> speaking have an interest in global football issues/leagues as we don't have
> the strongest football locally, that though hopefully changing one day, and
> maybe the best come here to play in a World Cup one day, (Which we can be
> ready for at any time!!!)
> I am relatively young compared to what I think some of you may be aged :),
> but it's refreshing to read all contributors comments, and value each of
> your opinions very highly!!! I know I can't always be right, but when I am,
> I'm generally modest about it, and when wrong, accept being so and value the
> correction highly.
> Hopefully it's not asking a lot, but I would like to know, if someone
> replies, a brief introduction about yourself, nationality, age, favourite
> team, and maybe even your favourite player ever!!! Hell even a World Cup
> tip!!!
> Nice to indulge in football chat with you all, and hopefully for a long time
> to come!!!

Hey Daniel, nice thread!

My name is Leonardo. I'm 29 years old, born and raised in Rio de
Janeiro, Brasil. I support Vasco da Gama, and my favorite players were
Juninho Pernambucano (the one who played for Lyon recently) and Carlos
Germano (our former goalkeeper, currently gk coach at the club).

I also support the Brasilian nt, although it is a very distant second
to the club. Danubio (from Uruguay), for some reason, is a team I'm
particularly fond of as well.

For this WC I think Argentina will take it, though for sure I'd love
to see Brasil stopping them. I'd like to see Portugal going far too,
and either of Brasil or Portugal facing Spain in the second round
(nothing against the Spanish, it's only that I think it'd be a hell
of a game). What about Australia? Are you optimist about your chances?

Outside football, I used to be a big F1 fan, but now only watch the
races time and then.

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>>> No problem
>>> I was born and raised in Manchester England and moved to the USA
>>> with my job (Engineering) in the late 70s. I am now retired and living
>>> with my wife of 40 years in South Carolina. I had a brief stint as a
>>> player with Port Vale, Stoke City and Macclesfield Town that was
>>> finished by an pretty bad ankle injury, I did play some first team
>>> with Vale and Macc but only made it as far as the Stoke reserves (at
>>> that time central league). I then qualified as a ref and later took my
>>> FA coaching badges and later United States Soccer Federation license.
>>> After coaching around 15 years (Mostly Youth, but some College and
>>> High school) I retired. I first started watching United over 50 years
>>> ago as a youngster (with my parents). My first matches were in the
>>> mid fifties and I was lucky enough to have caught some of the Busby
>>> Babes. When I wasn't playing I was at Old Trafford and still manage to
>>> get back to Manchester several times each year to watch them play.
>>> I've been fortunate enough to attend four World Cups, three
>>> Champions League finals and seven FA Cup Finals. My favourite player
>>> of all time is George Best and believe the 60s Real Madrid team
>>> (Puskas, DiStefano) was the best side I have ever seen in person
>>> (although the Busby babes push them close). Other players that I
>>> admired were Garrincha, Van Basten, Pele and of course Puskas and
>>> Distefano.
>>Thank you for being courteous, shall I begin with your marriage, 40 years,
>>congratulations, as a local amateur player with a no-name Australian club,
>>can now respect your opinion even higher knowing the very decent level you
>>have played, and express my frustrations for your shortened career, and
>>hope it wasn't an opponent!!!
> No, it was a broken ankle caused by stepping in a hole that wouldn't
> mend, I think with today's medical tech they would have probably been
> able to fix it better, as it is I have three metal pins in it.

Sounds painful, I could imagine what the quality of the pitches would have
been back then, regardless still a shame :(

>>Also congratulations on life during/after football. as an engineer and
>>finding time to obtain your badges and coaching, some achievement. 50
>>of football experience is something I hope to have one day, and to have
>>attended such high profile matches and seen legendary players, more
>>importantly people is inspiring to hear.
>>Best would be high on pretty much every football lovers list, just
>>effortless wasn't he!!! Great list you have there, and thank you for the
>>brief introduction. It gets me to know people a little better, and
>>appreciate some facts that I consider good to know about.
> I guess everyone chooses their favourites based upon what they've
> seen, I was lucky enough to be living in Manchester when Bestie
> started his career and watched him every week live. If i'd have grown
> up watching someone like Maradona or Pele they probably would be the
> players I'd have chosen. I did get to play one match against Best, he
> had been injured and was turning out for the reserves to get his
> fitness back and I was playing for Stoke reserves. I seem to recall a
> 'blur' going past me that seemed to resemble George

OMG, what a privilege that would have been, to play on the same field, then
get done by him, lol, though I cant recall a player who actually done well
against him!!!

>>Jusr out of curiosity, were you a defensive player, a centre half by any
> I played mostly as a right back, did get some matches in midfield
> (halfback in those days). At 5' 9" I didn't have the height required
> to play centre half in England. Actually I enjoyed the centre mid
> position more than anywhere else, you feel the pulse of the match more
> there. My biggest problem trying to make it in the leagues was my lack
> of true turn of speed.

Positioning is key, not a weakness, but I'm not the sharpest on the turn
either. Though I'm 6' 3", probably born a few generations late, if the
backpass law was still in today, i'd be a star, lol!!! Should see some of
the unorthodox play with the keeper I sometimes get away with, for me
nothing better than being a centre half/sweeper, hard being a genius
striker, but more satisfying when you see the face of the genius out of

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> My name is Mohammed Mehdi, I'm 37, born in England, married and have 2
> boys who both support Chelsea, If they supported Manchester United or
> Liverpool I would have sent them back. I support Milan.
> My favourite three players are Van Basten, Savicevic, Rijkaard and
> Inzaghi, in that order. I was also a big fan of Tony Adams, Mr Perfect
> Dennis Bergkamp and Robbie Savage who I feel would have shone at ANY big
> club given the chance. World Cup tip? Predictably Brazil.
> Outside of football I enjoy MMA and BAKING!

Thanks for being courteus, hahaha regarding your boys, Nice to meet you
Mohammed, surely not regarding your boys, funny though!!!

Nice choice for players, surprised by Dejan's inclusion, not because he
isn't good, but because Il Genie was very underrated, and should certain
events not have occured, might have been a great on the World Stage!!!

Love the Arsenal flavour, Dennis was super, and Adams too, just on a side
issue, would you prefer Adams or Terry?

MMA, cool, but Baking, whats your favourite recipe?

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>Positioning is key, not a weakness, but I'm not the sharpest on the turn
>either. Though I'm 6' 3", probably born a few generations late, if the
>backpass law was still in today, i'd be a star, lol!!! Should see some of
>the unorthodox play with the keeper I sometimes get away with, for me
>nothing better than being a centre half/sweeper, hard being a genius
>striker, but more satisfying when you see the face of the genius out of

The main thing is to play the game no matter how well or what level. I
remember the day I was forced to hang up my boots as being one of the
saddest day's of my life. You get an appreciation of the various
levels of play. Next best thing is to watch the game live, TV is great
but one doesn't get to observe player movement off the ball and the
moving structure of the game. Those "experts" who have only watched
the game on TV are kidding themselves if they think they know the
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> Dale here, native to San Francisco Bay Area, late 40s, married, two
> boys. Lived in Germany for a few years, both civvy and with the Army.
> Munich as a civvy, Stuttgart with the Army.

Nice to meet you Dale, thanks for the introduction, and it goes without
saying, wish your family well. but more so your boys.

> As typical of my place and age grew up a baseball fan and thought of
> football, if I thought of it all as "that foreigners' sport". Then my
> first son started playing youth leagues, I volunterred to referee and
> the hook was placed. Refereed for over a decade before they started
> replacing the fields with plastic which my legs don't like at all so
> gave it up, but miss it.

Hahaha, hook, line, and sinker by the sounds of things, football does have
that pull. The synthetic grass is rubbish in my opinion, I dare say it
should never take over, and that grass is cheaper so there is no real

> No particular favorites, and enjoy a good match. For the WC I support
> my Federation, but as an American I don't have high expectations.
> Though was giddy at the win over Spain last year.
> I know I don't know much of the traditions and history of the game and
> mostly lurk.

Personally, I think football has one tradition, and that is trying to keep
the sport, as it was originally played, for the working class, a game that
requires only a ball, and some shirts to make goals, so anyone can play. And
keep the rules as they originally were, bar a few tweaks.'

As for your WC teams, Germany are direct opponents to my beloved Australia,
no high expectations exce[t winning it, but work hard, and we might get what
we deserve.

I can't believe you don't expect USA to do well, I think they are a smokey
to get past the group stage, and from there anything can happen!!!

Thanks for the intro once again, much appreciated!!!