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MH wrote:
> Bob wrote:
>> The Scrutineer wrote:
>>> Nice to indulge in football chat with you all, and hopefully for a
>>> long time to come!!!
>> Don't take it as a snub or rudeness that some of us belong to the
>> anonymous user group. It's very nice to have your positive influence
>> in the group. Belated welcome.
> I have no problem with people wanting to remain anonymous, or to avoid
> the spam that comes with posting using a real email address (which is
> why I don't use my real one), but I am curious (genuinely) as to where
> you come from, where you are located, what other sports you follow,
> why the interest in French football etc.

Ok, in the spirit of doing the right thing, I'll come clean, almost that is
;). I was born in France (I think I may have lied once about this) and lived
there through my teen years. I grew up watching Nestor Combin, Chiesa, Di
Nallo, Jean Djorkaef, Lacombe and even a little of Domenech (don't read too
much into this). My father was a football nut who dragged me to games all
over the country for as long as I can remember. I can't say that I liked it;
it was too often cold and wet. Until recently, when I became primarily a
spectator of sports, I was consumed by doing sports, which I believe has
imparted in me an interest in vicariously watching performance rather than
following teams and championships. I played recreational football through my
30's but mostly as a way to stay fit for other activities like martial arts,
skiing and mountaineering, which has been a life long and defining pursuit.
I also follow alpine skiing and tennis fairly regularly and I used to watch
a lot of basketball when soccer wasn't available on US channels. I have
lived most of my life in the Pacific Northwest.

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On Apr 7, 4:54 pm, "Mark V." <markvande...(a)> wrote:
> On Apr 7, 2:07 am, Enzo <s_debgu...(a)> wrote:
> > I am Sid Debgupta, born and brought up in Calcutta, India, home of
> > before arriving in the States on a bitter cold late December
> > Pittsburgh evening.
> Did you attend Carnegie-Mellon?.

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On Apr 7, 3:54 pm, "The Scrutineer" <vla...(a)> wrote:
> "Enzo" <s_debgu...(a)> wrote in message
> news:fa1ad2fe-71dc-4f76-8445-6a000d4ffd5c(a)> I am Sid Debgupta, born and brought up in Calcutta, India, home of
> > Indian
> > football ( passe ). I am 45 years old and have a 11 year old son and 2
> > dogs
> > who I prefer to the 11 year old since they rarely talk back ( not to
> > mention
> > the wife ).
> Hahhahaha, don't say that, about your children, funny nevertheless!!!
> Nice to meet you Sid, and thanks for being courteous by replying!!!
> > I am from the original body shopped generation of Indian programmers;
> > I cut my teeth on a VAX-11 ( wonder how many people have heard of that
> > one )
> > and remember staring disdainfully at the first PC I laid my eyes on,
> > some sort
> > of AT or XT machine from IBM. After working for a few years in India,
> > I worked
> > in the UK ( Farnborough ) and France ( Strasbourg ) for a couple of
> > years
> > before arriving in the States on a bitter cold late December
> > Pittsburgh evening.
> Hahahaah, don't get me started on programming, C++ is the absolute worst,
> but more so is the core subject that I HAD to do, which was converting
> simple pseudo code into extensive programming. CSCI 103, I will never forget
> the subject code!!!
> Much travelled as well, but that evening you arrived in the US stands out
> obviously, by the replies to the thread from you and others, I would love to
> have a job which would mean I could travel and work, sounds awesome and am
> beginning to get really jealous :P
> > Over the next 13 years I worked in various places - Fairfax (VA),
> > Seattle and
> > finally San Jose, before retiring to make a living trading futures. I
> > went
> > on to live in Miami for a while before returning to Calcutta. I still
> > trade futures but have
> > gone back to working as a programmer full-time ( no need to ask
> > why! ).
> No really, I have some experience as a student with programming, for me it
> was hell and MUST ask why?

I think it will be better to stick to football, though I appreciate
the many
responses this thread has elicited and I think it would not have
if most anybody else had been the OP. Besides, there is very little
that someone half my age can understand about my motivations and
problems ( and vice versa, I am sure ).

> > I do not regularly support any particular club or country - it changes
> > with
> > the seasons. I had a fling with Valencia early this decade and it is
> > still
> > my favorite club. I used to be quite a fanboy of the Argentine NT but
> > find
> > it hard to sustain interest in their affairs lately.
> > My posting handle is the first name of my all-time favorite player,
> > Enzo Francescoli.
> Dar, was about to as if it was Enzo Scifo, but Enzo Francescoli, you have
> introduced me to a new footballer, I must say before your post I had heard
> little about him, sounds like he must have had a distinguished career, and
> briefly reading about him, 220 odd goals on 550 odd matches for a
> midfielder, all be it attacking, is still some achievement!!!

I am surprised. He is very famous, much more so than Enzo Scifo
( another of my favorites, as chance would have it ). In 1980, in a
international football tournament held in Calcutta/India, the
team with a 20-year old Francescoli were the star attraction and
the eventual winners. There was no TV then, and I had never watched
world class players before ( except in grainy films on Pele, 1966,
and the like ). It was a great experience for me. I was devastated
when they lost to Argentina in the 1986 round of 16, in a dirty,
match played in driving rain that seemed to last forever.

Over the years, I have liked other Uruguayan players, notably
Alvaro Recoba, and now Diego Forlan. With age, I tended to start
to abhor the cynical practices of some Uruguayan sides and
lost interest in the NT as a whole.

> Thanks for your reply!!!

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On Apr 6, 8:29 am, "The Scrutineer" <vla...(a)> wrote:
> Sorry for wasting a thread, but I'm Daniel, born and bred Australian, with
> European heritage!!!

I'm Daniele (with one "l" and an "e" at the end, like Daniele De
Rossi, Daniele Massaro or Daniele Bonera, just to avoid confusion).

I've been posting for several years as Futbolmetrix, a name chosen
because of my passion for football statistics and as a homage to
Asterix, Obelix and co. But I did post in the past with my full name,
and it shouldn't take too much detective work to figure out what it
is. But for the moment I won't reveal it.

I'm 39 years old, married with two kids, 10 and 7 years old. I grew up
in Italy (with a brief spell in England), moved to Israel at the end
of high school, then went to graduate school in Boston, then went back
to Israel for seven years, and right now I'm back in Boston. I'm a
professor of economics at a large private university.

I'm a fan of Juventus. Always been, since I was 6 years old (or maybe
10?), except for brief periods when I changed allegiances. Here's a
story I once wrote about how I fell in love with the Old Lady:

I'm also a fan of the Italian NT, the Israeli NT, and all Israeli club
teams in European competitions. I can't say I'm a fan of any other
team, but in the WC I tend to sympathize for the "bad guys" (the teams
accused of playing boring, defensive, dirty tactics), and root against
the media darlings Brazil, Argentina and the Netherlands.

Favorite players (stars): Bettega, Platini, Baggio, Del Piero,
Other stars I loved, but not quite at the same level as the above:
Nedved, Inzaghi, Tardelli, Zoff, Scirea, Gentile, Cabrini.
Other favorite players (working class): Bonini, Torricelli, Ravanelli,
Montero, Zalayeta.

Non-Juve players that I have learned to appreciate and respect, even
though I certainly don't love them: Raul, Giggs, Totti, Roberto
Carlos, Falcao, Pruzzo.

Oh, and in case you ever have difficulty understanding my posts,
here's a handy dictionary:

Immaculate Virgins = Team from Milano that plays in black and blue and
illegitimately claims to be the Italian champion.

Sleazy Prostitutes = Team from Milano that plays in black and red,
almost as sleazy as the Immaculate Virgins.

Team A will win = I really hope team A loses.

Welcome to the group,

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On Apr 6, 8:29 am, "The Scrutineer" <vla...(a)> wrote:
> Sorry for wasting a thread, but I'm Daniel, born and bred Australian, with
> European heritage!!!


> Hopefully it's not asking a lot, but I would like to know, if someone
> replies, a brief introduction about yourself, nationality, age, favourite
> team, and maybe even your favourite player ever!!! Hell even a World Cup
> tip!!!

My name is Jim. You can call me "Dear Leader". A couple months ago my
on-the-spot guidance at the Vicente Calderon helped Atletico Madrid
beat Barcelona. I also got the Nationals to beat the Red Sox last
year. Which was sort of stupid since I'm a Red Sox fan. DC United may
be a lost cause this year. Not really a supporter of any club, just
the US national teams. I do have an affection for Central American
teams loaded with Spanglish-named players. I have been here 13 years
and currently have an e-mail from Karel Stokkermans in my inbox. I
have secret alliances with Bruce Scott TOK, Real Mardin, and several

Occasionally I post under an alter ego "anders t". These posts are not
meant to be taken seriously and I make sure they are not archived so
as not to disturb the historical record of the newsgroup.