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> 43 years old, lived my whole life in US, currently in MD outside of DC.
> Been following the game since I took it up in the mid-70s as part of the
> first big wave of US kids to play. Lived in NY at that time so was
> exposed to the Cosmos. Started following the World game in 82 with
> Espana 82, so I got lucky - the first game I really remember well was
> WGermany- France semifinal :). So I was hooked. (A recent purchase was
> a reprint of the official Joan Miro poster for that Cup. It's hanging in
> my office and I'm looking at it right now.)

Nice to meet you, and thanks for the introduction, football leaves lasting
memories, and can imagine that every time you look at Miro the memories just
flood back!!!

> Didn't really pay much attention to club football until the late 80s when
> I had a chance to attend a Man U-Palace game in person when studying
> abroad. As an American in those days, following club football was nearly
> impossible, though pursued all the normal channels, like Soccer Made in
> Germany, the Spanish language channels, the Italian league games (in
> Italian) on local UHF channels.

Thank god, even here in Australia, like the US that at least some football
was broadcast, as you mention the language channel(s). From what I remember,
some Italian football, The FA Cup, and match of the week in the EPL!!! (90s
for me, I was born in 87)

And look at how the game is now, remarkable!!!

> Favorite players: Cruyff, Beckenbauer and Pele as a kid. Socrates, Van
> Basten, Bergkamp (have always liked the Dutch), Ben Olsen, too many to
> mention. Favorite teams: of course DC United and the USNT, but otherwise
> have changed constantly. Always liked Ajax (that 1995 team will always be
> one of my favorites), Holland, Liverpool a long time ago but not any more,
> Leicester City (Kasey Keller) Blackburn (lots of US players and Ryan
> Nelsen), Villa, Schalke (die knappen!) Barca.

Dutch players, and teams of the past are everyone's favourites, and that's
being dead honest, I have never seen or heard of a person bad mouth any
Dutch team or player. they are simply top class.

Something went wrong with your liking for Liverpool, any particular reason?
Would it be the recent influence of Americans' playing for Everton? Joe
Max-Moore, Brian McBride, Tim Howard, Landon Donovan,

> Coach both my daughters in youth leagues and fortunately still get to play
> with some reqularity. I'm a left-footed defender. Slow, but scrappy.
> :)

Wish yourself and daughters lots of success/more success in the future, and
yeah it seems to be common amongst the contributors who have replied to the
thread, the pace we all wish we were blessed with, that we collectively
never had, but scrappy hhaahaaha, everyone has alility to be efficient in
some sort of capacity on the pitch, but its funny knowing that we all are
scrappy but never admit it!!!

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> I also write with my own full name. I'm 29 years old and have lived
> almost all my life in the same town, right here next to Helsinki. I find
> it perferct place to bring up my two sons (3,5 years and 2,5 months)
> with my wife of 5 years (we started dating in high school 12 years
> ago...). I'm trying to graduate with a bachelors degree in Media
> Engineering before midsummers eve, so I would graduate before I turn 30.
> I have worked fulltime during most of my studies, and landed my dream
> job 1,5 years ago, working as a sysadmin/it manager/cto for the biggest
> post production company in Finland.

Nice to meet you Jussi, and thanks for being courteous, good health to your
children, and sounds like you are settled very well in your homeland :)

Congratulations on landing your dream work, and best of luck in (NOT TRYING)
but COMPLETING your studies and GRADUATING!!!

> I was very late in becoming a football fan, but I realized I was a
> football when I felt awful and pissed off for several days when
> Leverkusen beat Liverpool in the CL. Liverpool is my favourite team,
> followed by the Finnish NT and our local team, Honka. I used to have a
> soft spot for Man City, but after the arabs came in I lost interest. OF
> foreign NTs England and Holland are my favourites. I have also managed
> to visit Anfield once, and have seen Fowler score in the Kop-end.

Better late than never, and YES, I felt that sensation when I was four or
five, and still do when I saw/still remember my fathers team (that he played
for) lose/losing, I must say, I have to thank him for really pushing me
towards football/sport in general. Hopefully one day I could do the same to
my children!!!

Liverpool, you must have loved it when Litti went to the Reds!!!

An absolute privilege it must have been going to Anfield, I can't say I have
been their, but I can say I've seen God score at *the Cove*, the home
supporters end of Sydney FC in the Australia A-League, and a great goal it
was too. He still has magical feet, and shooting ability!!! If you want, the
following link is Robbie at his finest...In Australia!!!

> My favourite players are Litmanen and Hyypiä, for obvious reasons Of
> foreigners I like Gerrard (when he is on form) and Torres, while I do
> concede that Messi is the best in the world right now.

Sami for mine, one of the top few defender of my lifetime, so comfortable,
with the towering header from corner, and best of all, a committed loyal
player, to few and far betweem!!! The rest you mention are class, Everyone
liked that Ajax team, and Jari was no expection, truely gifted!!! Took
another legend in Bergkamp's mantle, and set up his own place in Ajax's
history, a man all the way from Lahti if memory serves me right!!!
> I also started playing football at the ripe age of 24. Our team
> achievedpromotion from the 7th level fo the finnish pyramid to the
> 6th last autumn. My preferred position is striker or right back. My only
> strength is pretty good reading of the game, but everything else
> (especially my lack of speed) lets me down.

24 isn't ripe, just a late bloomer thats all!!! Well done on promotion, and
at a very decent level by the sounds of things!!!

Now this is interesting, striker or right back, that lacks speed, (Not alone
in the speed category) surely I have never heard of such a versatile player,
can play stiker, score goals, and attack, while at right back, stop that
left footed fast winger, and somehow try to build forward passages of play,
I doubt it gets more versatile!!!

Thanks again!!!

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"Enzo" <s_debgupta(a)> wrote in message
> I am Sid Debgupta, born and brought up in Calcutta, India, home of
> Indian
> football ( passe ). I am 45 years old and have a 11 year old son and 2
> dogs
> who I prefer to the 11 year old since they rarely talk back ( not to
> mention
> the wife ).
Hahhahaha, don't say that, about your children, funny nevertheless!!!

Nice to meet you Sid, and thanks for being courteous by replying!!!

> I am from the original body shopped generation of Indian programmers;
> I cut my teeth on a VAX-11 ( wonder how many people have heard of that
> one )
> and remember staring disdainfully at the first PC I laid my eyes on,
> some sort
> of AT or XT machine from IBM. After working for a few years in India,
> I worked
> in the UK ( Farnborough ) and France ( Strasbourg ) for a couple of
> years
> before arriving in the States on a bitter cold late December
> Pittsburgh evening.

Hahahaah, don't get me started on programming, C++ is the absolute worst,
but more so is the core subject that I HAD to do, which was converting
simple pseudo code into extensive programming. CSCI 103, I will never forget
the subject code!!!

Much travelled as well, but that evening you arrived in the US stands out
obviously, by the replies to the thread from you and others, I would love to
have a job which would mean I could travel and work, sounds awesome and am
beginning to get really jealous :P

> Over the next 13 years I worked in various places - Fairfax (VA),
> Seattle and
> finally San Jose, before retiring to make a living trading futures. I
> went
> on to live in Miami for a while before returning to Calcutta. I still
> trade futures but have
> gone back to working as a programmer full-time ( no need to ask
> why! ).

No really, I have some experience as a student with programming, for me it
was hell and MUST ask why?

> I do not regularly support any particular club or country - it changes
> with
> the seasons. I had a fling with Valencia early this decade and it is
> still
> my favorite club. I used to be quite a fanboy of the Argentine NT but
> find
> it hard to sustain interest in their affairs lately.
> My posting handle is the first name of my all-time favorite player,
> Enzo Francescoli.

Dar, was about to as if it was Enzo Scifo, but Enzo Francescoli, you have
introduced me to a new footballer, I must say before your post I had heard
little about him, sounds like he must have had a distinguished career, and
briefly reading about him, 220 odd goals on 550 odd matches for a
midfielder, all be it attacking, is still some achievement!!!

Thanks for your reply!!!

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On Apr 7, 4:34 am, Clément <lcmello.lis...(a)> wrote:
> On Apr 6, 9:29 am, "The Scrutineer" wrote:
> > Sorry for wasting a thread, but I'm Daniel, born and bred Australian, with
> > European heritage!!!
> No need to be sorry. Nice thread!
> My name is Luiz Mello and I am from Vitória, Brazil.

I didn't know that, Luiz! I'll start mine here since I "discovered" my
love for soccer in your home state.

First, I'd like to offer a belated welcome to the group to Daniel.
You've been a breath of fresh air to the group and hope you continue
posting here.

Mark Vander Ven. 43. I have lived in several places in the US, but
call Seattle, Washington my home. I moved here a couple of years ago
from a small city called Bellingham, Washington near the US - Canadian

I currently teach geography, environmental studies, and birdwatching
(not kidding!) classes at three different community colleges/
universities in Washington State, but am thinking about a career

I grew up a fan of North American sports, but developed a cynicism
towards spectator sports by my early 20s and had largely become an
apostate until I participated in a semester-abroad program in
Guarapari, Brazil during the 1990 World Cup and was hit by the
contagion full-on!

Since I developed a late interest in soccer, I am not really into
immuatable partisanship. I have preferred Arsenal in Europe, in part
because Dennis Bergkamp was one of my early favorites. I'd never
followed a US side until the Seattle Sounders arrived in MLS last

Favorite players have been Milla, Bergkamp, Redondo, McBride, Eddie
Pope, Romario.

From: The Scrutineer on
> No need to be sorry. Nice thread!

Thank you, nice to see you all appreciate something that I thought was going
to get no replies for!!!

> My name is Luiz Mello and I am from Vit�ria, Brazil. I am 35 and own a
> small software company. I'm married with no kids, but with 2 dogs.

Nice to meet you Luiz, good health to your family!!!

> My favorite clubs are Vit�ria FC (which is not from my hometown, but
> from the neighborhood I have lived in for about 30 years), Vasco da
> Gama, Arsenal and Juventus. At NT level, I root for Brazil and France.

Absolutely made a friend in me when I read Arsenal, wohoo!!! Yes Vasco has
been mentioned in a few posts, and obviously Brazil, yeah, you Brazilians
are blessed with football, I wish Australia will be equally so in the

> Like most Brazilian clubs, Vit�ria FC has to play every year for a
> place in the Brazilian pyramid Serie D. In order for that to happen,
> we have to win the State League. Our prospects look quite reasonable
> this year, as we are second on the State League table, a good position
> to make the 4-team playoffs.

Best of luck to Vitoria, and may they be on the rise for years to come!!!

> My favorite players all-time are Roberto Dinamite, Juninho
> Pernambucano, and Michel Platini.
> I've never played football at any organized level for a simple reason:
> I'm no good. =)

Two things, firstly the players you mention are/were absolute legends, on
Juninho, I wish he was Australia, he may have had 200 caps!!! Unlucky with
the competition for places for the NT. Secondly, I'm no good either, but you
know what, so are like millions of other players, and even some
professionals from what I've seen, so if bad players can play, why can't you
or me!!!

> Usually I tried made up for my lack of ability with a good football
> sense (keep it simple and make smart plays) and lots of effort.

Good logic!!! Reading of the game usually spares my blushes!!! But yeah, the
key in my books is simple and efficient!!!

> Recently I have been inclined to play as goalkeeper (in small-surfaces
> weekly play with friends). Not because I suck and need to find ways to
> make the team (well, maybe a little bit because of that too...), but
> because I actually enjoy being a goalie, and I can contribute more in
> that role, as I am not really fit these days.

Hahaha, my general opinion of goalkeepers is they must be crazy, and for you
to even consider keeper even for that reason, you must be CRAZY!!! :p But
respect in the sense that I'm scared of hard shots, and the ease to be

> I do have some experience in professional football as a club official
> for Vit�ria FC, but I'm not currently working with the club.
> I am also a huge (ice) hockey fan, since the late 80's. Back then I
> had to rely on foreign magazines and the odd 10-second TV highlight to
> even know what was going on, but the internet came and made all things
> accessible. I probably spend more time following/watching/reading
> about hockey these days than football.

Wow, suprised to hear a Brazilian Ice hockey fan, but should't be surprised
with anything anymore, lol, nice to see people passionate about multiple
sports, nothing wrong with that at all. I must say i'm a complete novice
about hockey.

Well done on being an official, it's prestigious to be one, even here in
local competitions in Australia!!!