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Mark V. wrote:
> On Apr 7, 6:22 pm, "Bob" <B...(a)> wrote:
>> Ok, in the spirit of doing the right thing, I'll come clean, almost
>> that is ;). I was born in France (I think I may have lied once about
>> this) and lived there through my teen years. I grew up watching
>> Nestor Combin, Chiesa, Di Nallo, Jean Djorkaef, Lacombe and even a
>> little of Domenech (don't read too much into this). My father was a
>> football nut who dragged me to games all over the country for as
>> long as I can remember. I can't say that I liked it; it was too
>> often cold and wet. Until recently, when I became primarily a
>> spectator of sports, I was consumed by doing sports, which I believe
>> has imparted in me an interest in vicariously watching performance
>> rather than following teams and championships. I played recreational
>> football through my 30's but mostly as a way to stay fit for other
>> activities like martial arts, skiing and mountaineering, which has
>> been a life long and defining pursuit. I also follow alpine skiing
>> and tennis fairly regularly and I used to watch a lot of basketball
>> when soccer wasn't available on US channels. I have lived most of my
>> life in the Pacific Northwest.
> Wow. There are elements of your bio that eerily parallel that of an
> extremely close friend of mine here in the PacNW.

and I thought I was unique! ;)

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> The Scrutineer wrote:
>> Nice to indulge in football chat with you all, and hopefully for a
>> long time to come!!!
> Don't take it as a snub or rudeness that some of us belong to the
> anonymous
> user group. It's very nice to have your positive influence in the group.
> Belated welcome.

Thanks, and absolutely no problem at being anonymous.