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> history, a man all the way from Lahti if memory serves me right!!!
My father-in-law is from Lahti and has played some seniors games with
Jaris father (who refuses to use shinpads and uses some rolled up
newspaper instead)....

It has always been the prerogative of children and half-wits to point
out that the emperor has no clothes. But the half-wit remains a
half-wit, and the emperor remains an emperor.
* The Sandman
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And by the way, if you are so inclined, rememver to join our Facebook

Highly intelligent and well-informed people disagree on every political
issue. Therefore, intelligence and knowledge are useless for
making decisions, because if any of that stuff helped, then all the
smart people would have the same opinions. So use your "gut instinct"
to make voting choices. That is exactly like being clueless, but with
the added advantage that you'll feel as if your random vote preserved
*Scott Adams
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>> The Scrutineer wrote:
>>> Sorry for wasting a thread, but I'm Daniel, born and bred Australian,
>>> with European heritage!!!
>>> 22 years old, currently a student, and a real passionate football
>>> fan, which I can easily say is by far the most interesting most loved
>>> thing in life for me (outside of the way a female is put together).
>>> As some of you may know by now , yes I am an Arsenal fan, and
>>> generally speaking have an interest in global football issues/leagues
>>> as we don't have the strongest football locally, that though
>>> hopefully changing one day, and maybe the best come here to play in a
>>> World Cup one day, (Which we can be ready for at any time!!!)
>>> I am relatively young compared to what I think some of you may be
>>> aged :), but it's refreshing to read all contributors comments, and
>>> value each of your opinions very highly!!! I know I can't always be
>>> right, but when I am, I'm generally modest about it, and when wrong,
>>> accept being so and value the correction highly.
>>> Hopefully it's not asking a lot, but I would like to know, if someone
>>> replies, a brief introduction about yourself, nationality, age,
>>> favourite team, and maybe even your favourite player ever!!! Hell
>>> even a World Cup tip!!!
>> I think an update of this type of info (for those who don't mind
>> providing it) was long overdue, so I am glad you initiated this.
> No problem at all, I thought it may have been the norm and as people
> usually reply to most of my posts, it had me thinking recently that it
> was rude to go on and not introduce myself properly.
>> I am 51, and live in Calgary, Canada. Born in Glasgow, and have been
>> told I still sound Scottish when I speak in public, even though I left
>> Scotland at quite an early age.
> Hahaha, seems to be characteristic of many others, the accent stays for
> life despite leaving quite young!!! Also notice in Aussie-Scots I know,
> the sense of humour does as well!!!
>> I have lived and worked in France, Spain, Mexico, Germany and
>> Switzerland (and very briefly in Canberra - only two weeks) during my
>> studies and later professional life. Also married a Belgian, so lots
>> of European connection, and opportunities to indulge myself with
>> football (real desert out here right now). We have 3 children, the
>> youngest of whom is 15 next week (girl). The boys are about your age
>> or older. The first one is in graduate school in Newfoundland, and the
>> second will graduate with his honours physics degree this term, and
>> then start graduate school as well.
> Much travelled, only can I wish I travel as much as that, I must
> confess, Thailand is the only country I have been to outside of Australia.
> Good health to your family, must be a proud father, Physics wow, that's
> an achievement alright, I've been a student for four years now, started
> three different degrees, (Bachelor or Internet Science and Technology,
> Bachelor of Computer Science, and Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in
> Marketing and Management) only to have finished none of them, LOL, and
> now find myself about to start in a new degree, and there's hopefully no
> more changing. (Bachelor of Sports Business), the upside of this degree
> is I get to work in any sporting capacity at any organisation I want.
> Though all I need is an initial push, then i'm well into it!!!
> But yeah, success to all your children!!! And Indeed much more to
> yourself!!!!
>> As to what I do, I am at the University and teach and do research in
>> Microbiology. For those really interested, this describes what I do
>> (needs updating this year, though):
> Teaching Microbiology at a University, or teaching children to finger
> paint, I stand up here and thank you, you work in an industry that in my
> opinion is undervalued, and one of the toughest.
> Microbiology, more generally life sciences, if my own research is
> anything to go by, are grossly underfunded, in Australia anyways, but
> somehow the Government can supply Tiger Woods in excess of three million
> AUD, while provide Universities and organisations about 400-500 000 AUD
> for research into life sciences!!!

We manage Ok on a shoestring in my lab.

Off to Dunedin on sabbatical next year, so not too far from your part of
the world.
>> The only teams I can be said to support are Canada and Scotland. I
>> was an Arminia Bielefeld faithful (on the terraces every home game)
>> while a student in Germany, and also supported Toulouse FC and FC
>> Granada while living in those cities, and still follow all their
>> results. When we had USL teams in Calgary (the Storm and Mustangs) I
>> supported those too.
>> Still have a soft spot for Dundee United, Everton, Liverpool,
>> Bordeaux, Grasshoppers, Deportivo La Coruna, K�ln, M�nchengladbach,
>> and Werder Bremen for various reasons, and watch Toronto FC regularly
>> on TV.
> I watched a bit of Scotland's WCQ campaign, some good young talent, but
> passing the ball square and backwards is ok, the 60s and 70s are indeed
> a long time ago, but when will we see the next James Johnstone getting
> you forward?

Not in my lifetime, I am afraid.

Reading the other replies here I found out lots of interesting things
about people I have "known" on this NG for about 15 years now. Who knew
Benny had a passion for baking, for example? Or that Luiz was an ice
hockey fan (not a good time to be discussing ice hockey for me right now !)

I also neglected to mention that I used to play soccer (and ice hockey)
a lot, at a reasonable level (2nd division in Calgary men's league for
example, - we have a very large pyramid), and still played rec league at
the University until not too long ago - knee injuries among other things
put paid to that. I guess it was a good idea to get out while the
opposition were still shouting "mark the old guy" at corner kicks, and
before they got around to "don't bother marking the old guy". Was mostly
a midfielder/left winger (which also reflects my politics).

Coached kids at all levels up to age 16, and have done some refereeing
(though have no official qualifications).

Favourite players:

Ewald Lienen, Horst Wohlers, Kenny Dalglish, Gordon Strachan, Colin
Hendry, Steve Archbald, Glenn Hoddle, Alan Hansen, Dwayne De Rosario,
Hagi, Gary McAllister, Jason De Vos
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The Scrutineer wrote:
> Nice to indulge in football chat with you all, and hopefully for a
> long time to come!!!

Don't take it as a snub or rudeness that some of us belong to the anonymous
user group. It's very nice to have your positive influence in the group.
Belated welcome.

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On Apr 7, 2:03 pm, "Bob" <B...(a)> wrote:
> The Scrutineer wrote:
> > Nice to indulge in football chat with you all, and hopefully for a
> > long time to come!!!
> Don't take it as a snub or rudeness that some of us belong to the anonymous
> user group. It's very nice to have your positive influence in the group.
> Belated welcome.

Too bad, Bob. I was looking forward to reading yours. (Hobby:
Collecting berets?) But I can't blame any poster for wanting to
conserve their anonymity!