From: Chagney Hunt on
On Apr 7, 11:21 pm, Jim Goloboy <jim.golo...(a)> wrote:
> Occasionally I post under an alter ego "anders t". These posts are not
> meant to be taken seriously and I make sure they are not archived so
> as not to disturb the historical record of the newsgroup.

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Chagney Hunt <essetm(a)> wrote:
> On Apr 7, 11:21�pm, Jim Goloboy <jim.golo...(a)> wrote:
>> Occasionally I post under an alter ego "anders t". These posts are not
>> meant to be taken seriously and I make sure they are not archived so
>> as not to disturb the historical record of the newsgroup.

LOL, more like.
....and Genevieve's uncle died unexpectedly and left me all his yachts.
And then Tamara came running out of our Somerset house, as fast as
her little legs could carry her, to tell me I was a direct descendant
of Kublai Khan... which was nice.
* The Fast Show *
From: Mark V. on
On Apr 7, 6:22 pm, "Bob" <B...(a)> wrote:

> Ok, in the spirit of doing the right thing, I'll come clean, almost that is
> ;). I was born in France (I think I may have lied once about this) and lived
> there through my teen years. I grew up watching Nestor Combin, Chiesa, Di
> Nallo, Jean Djorkaef, Lacombe and even a little of Domenech (don't read too
> much into this). My father was a football nut who dragged me to games all
> over the country for as long as I can remember. I can't say that I liked it;
> it was too often cold and wet. Until recently, when I became primarily a
> spectator of sports, I was consumed by doing sports, which I believe has
> imparted in me an interest in vicariously watching performance rather than
> following teams and championships. I played recreational football through my
> 30's but mostly as a way to stay fit for other activities like martial arts,
> skiing and mountaineering, which has been a life long and defining pursuit.
> I also follow alpine skiing and tennis fairly regularly and I used to watch
> a lot of basketball when soccer wasn't available on US channels. I have
> lived most of my life in the Pacific Northwest.

Wow. There are elements of your bio that eerily parallel that of an
extremely close friend of mine here in the PacNW.
From: Clément on
On Apr 7, 1:09 pm, "The Scrutineer" wrote:
> > Recently I have been inclined to play as goalkeeper (in small-surfaces
> > weekly play with friends). Not because I suck and need to find ways to
> > make the team (well, maybe a little bit because of that too...), but
> > because I actually enjoy being a goalie, and I can contribute more in
> > that role, as I am not really fit these days.
> Hahaha, my general opinion of goalkeepers is they must be crazy, and for you
> to even consider keeper even for that reason, you must be CRAZY!!! :p But
> respect in the sense that I'm scared of hard shots, and the ease to be
> ridiculed!!!

Many hard shots are actually the easiest to stop, as what they have in
power, they lack in placement. Assuming you are willing to put your
body in the way in the fist place, of course. In my (little)
experience, a lot of shooters focus too much on shooting hard only,
just to end up making the goalie look good.

As for being scared of hard shots, well, that's only natural. But when
the game begins one is usually too focused on winning (i.e. not being
scored on) to worry about that. What did make me angry, however, was
to be punished by a hard shot on occasion, only because no one
challenged the shooter, or only to have no one show up to clear a
rebound afterwards.

So yeah, thinking of it, there must be some levels of craziness
involved in this process. =)


Luiz Mello
From: Clément on
On Apr 7, 12:56 pm, "Mark V." wrote:
> On Apr 7, 4:34 am, Clément wrote:
> > My name is Luiz Mello and I am from Vitória, Brazil.
> I didn't know that, Luiz! I'll start mine here since I "discovered" my
> love for soccer in your home state.
> I grew up a fan of North American sports, but developed a cynicism
> towards spectator sports by my early 20s and had largely become an
> apostate until I participated in a semester-abroad program in
> Guarapari, Brazil during the 1990 World Cup and was hit by the
> contagion full-on!

Interesting! I imaging you haven't visited here since? The whole area
changed quite a bit in these 20 years. Wanting to visit again someday,
let me know!

> Since I developed a late interest in soccer, I am not really into
> immuatable partisanship. I have preferred Arsenal in Europe, in part
> because Dennis Bergkamp was one of my early favorites. I'd never
> followed a US side until the Seattle Sounders arrived in MLS last
> year.

The Seattle Sounders look like a fun side to follow.


Luiz Mello