From: Starcade on
On Jun 4, 7:36 am, Deeppe <tut...(a)> wrote:

> 3-3

Which, with both teams' serious questions in the back, I see as not
completely implausible.

> I'd be happy with that.
> Hate to go in the hole the first game. On the other hand I suppose
> it's best to get the match against England out of the way right up
> front rather than getting into a situation where they're the last
> match and a must win for the US to get out of group.

I agree, and also with how tight the English tend to be right off the

From: Jack Hollis on
On Fri, 4 Jun 2010 06:22:55 -0700 (PDT), gsn <gsnarayanan(a)>

>England could not score against Japan. Also Mexico had a good game vs
>In CONCAF , as Dwight said in another thread, Mexico is only the
>third best team. The US usually plays better than Mexico and wins more
>often than not.
>So it looks like it is possible to beat England (or atleast split
>- gsn

Considering that they are the top two teams in the group and it's the
opening game of the WC neither team wants to lose, but neither team
really needs to win. A win by the US seems unlikely, but a draw is