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On Mon, 17 May 2010 14:32:17 +0200, Joachim Parsch <sm(a)> wrote:

>KP Boateng's blood tackle was not hard enough to break Ballack's
>leg, but it was still "good" enough to take Ballack out of the WC:
>For the benefit of all children reading this, I won't say,
>what I think of KP Boateng.

Ok group, explain me this:

Ribery: red card and 3 match suspension. Misses CL final.

Boateng: yellow card and absolutely no consequences.
From: The Scrutineer on

>> I would go for Mertesaker, and Schweinsteiger if Per doesn't want it. No
>> way
>> Lahm!!!
> Why??.

This is just a personal thing, nothing against Lahm, but I prefer a man in a
central position, like a central defender, or a central midfielder, goal
keeper. Someone big and powerful, with influence on other players, Lahm wont
be a bad option, but a right/left back?

Like I said, a personal thing!!!

From: The Scrutineer on

>> Maybe, but Ballack is a winner,
> Define winner? he has ended up on the losing side in major finals quite
> a few times.

He has also won quite a bit!!!

> he always plays hard and fair,
> disgree there. He is one of the dirtiest players around, mostly in an
> underhanded sort of way.

Well, that's clear, but he never breaks legs, hence hard but fair!!!!
From: The Scrutineer on
>> > Boateng may very well have done it on pursose with the objective of
>> > taking him out of the World Cup. They are in the same group.
>> > I don't understand why FIFA hasn't done something about this kind of
>> > thing. Boateng (and any player who injures someone else) whould be
>> > out of the game as long as Ballack is.
>> Sounds fair, but what happens if Ballack is forced into retirement?-
>> Ocultar texto de la cita -
>> - Mostrar texto de la cita -
> I suggest a pre-established period. Say, 1 year out... though it
> should depend on the malice that can be safely assumed. If he wanted
> to injure him that badly as to force him into retirement (Keane comes
> ti mind), I don't think it's unfair to forbid that player isn't
> allowed to play anymore...). And a civil lawsuit, for damages.

A year is what I was thinking too, sounds right to me, now lets get others
to go with it too!!!

From: The Scrutineer on

>> I know he's your captain but seriously this is a blessing in disguise.
>> He was a passenger in this Chelsea side. He's years removed from the
>> swashbuckling midfielder who made his name at Leverkusen. Schweinsteiger
>> is more than capable of filling his role and still supporting an Ozil
>> inspired attack. Ballack? Bollocks.
> I'm not so sure. In 2006, he largely played as a DM (whether that was
> his assignment or not, I don't know, but watching the games it was clear
> that's the role he was playing) and he did an excellent job. I thought he
> was one of Germany's best players. I don't know that would have been the
> case this time around, but I think he can still contribute to the national
> team, but not in the same manner he did in the early 2000s.

Any team losing an inspirational captain will suffer in one way or

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