From: Bruce D. Scott on
anders t (anthu_001(a) wrote:
: Prediction:
: 2-0

Alright, predictions.

When's the first goal going to fall?

I say 60'

The team that scores it will win 1-0

These teams are pretty careful
(mind you, I don't see it, just the tickers, so there's a caveat)


drift wave turbulence:
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Futbolmetrix wrote:
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>>> So they'll probably concede a cheapie any minute now.
>> Tiago burns Casillas' palms with a stinging shot from 20 meters out, it
>> almost loops into the net but San Iker reacts in time to punch it away.
> And now it's CRon testing Iker again with a Jabulani-ball off a 35-meter
> free kick. Casillas can't handle it properly, but it's cleared away.
> D

And so far the ref is pretty much letting them play and keeping the
whistle in his pocket.
From: Starcade on
HT 0-0

Started well, has petered out a bit. There are chances to be had, but
nothing on the scoreboard yet.

From: Mark V. on
On Jun 29, 9:51 am, anders t <anthu_001(a)> wrote:
> Prediction:
> 2-0
> --
>  ENGLAND 2009 - UEFA 2008 - WORLD 2009

0 - 0, and onto PKs. Portugal can't be scored on!

From: ken.overton on
On Jun 29, 2:37 pm, anders t <anthu_001(a)> wrote:
> Oh, goodie!
> Finally an all-UEFA match without unpredictable unknown entities from far
> corners of the world! ;-)

As opposed to all those all-UEFA matches *with* unpredictable unknown