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> Subject : Re: Fairest world cup ever!
> From : normattheinn(a)

> Mr Mehdi is obsessed. Spain has won fair and square. I have the
> suspicion that Mr Mehdi is an upstart idiot.

And I have the suspicion you're a sock puppet or troll so you're done.

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Mehdi wrote:
> > Subject : Fairest world cup ever!
> > From : MHnospam(a)
>> Simulation perhaps, in that he stayed collapsed on the ground for far
>> too long, but I don't think he dived - he tripped after completely
>> innocent contact with Estrada.
> There was NO contact. Clear as crystal on HD. I'll get round to posting
> the video sometime after the WC.

I would like to see that. But even absence of contact does not make it
a dive. Could just be tripping over his own feet. It was a strange time
and place to dive - it might even have killed a promising attacking move
if the ref had stopped play.

>> And were denied a goal for one of them, and denied a penalty (because
>> of encroachment perhaps?) on another. So only one injustice there.
> They encroached on the first. If there's a re-take and Cardozo scores it
> changes the completion of the game completely.

That is why I said there was one injustice. Should have been retaken.