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> >> > Reina knew nothing about. the ball hit his bald head and went out :-)
> >> Doesn't diminish the importance of the great save!!!
> > I dont consider that being a save when it s coming from something you
> > did not control
> Lucky....Yes, good keeping yes.....
> Generally speaking a keeper doesn't control where the striker kicks the
> ball!!!

Really? I was talking about not having control on the save. he did not
decide to put his head to deflect the ball
> It's an official save for Reina, unorthodox, but I'm sure he controlled
> where he positioned himself, had be been a foot either way its a goal!!!
maybe it is, but it should not be called a save BY the keeper :-)
> >> >> Fine player is Hazard, big clubs should be on the horizon for this
> >> >> fine
> >> >> player!!!
> >> > I am sure they are lining up already
> >> Liverpool are seeing him first hand, they have to be impressed!!!
> > AHAHA. he has been playing like that for more than a year now. If
> > Liverpool discovers it just now, they should fire the scouting team
> You might be taking that in a different way to what I mean, though your
> opinion is respected!!!

I see now. sorry, it was late
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> "Chagney Hunt" <ess...(a)> a écrit dans le message de news:
> 370c464f-51e1-4216-b25c-4cc1f3179...(a)
> >Which explains why Liverpool are in th Europa League? :-) Liverpool
> >have benefited from some comical ref's errors, but they've been at the
> >pointy end too. ManU haven't been much a deal in Europe until the last
> >3 seasons.
> I didn't see the game, but it's just his usual theories about conspiracies
> against french clubs. He has been whining for years in the french newsgroup.
> Don't worry too much about it.
You should not talk about it then. The PK awareded was a joke.
On Mar 18, 5:49 pm, "ken.over...(a)" <ken.over...(a)>
> On Mar 18, 6:42 pm, SHUSSBAR <shuss...(a)> wrote:
> > so : obvious foul = no call? Dive= penalty, great night for Liverpool
> > then.
> I think that's what is referred to as a 'Magical Anfield Night'.
> Where penalties magically appear and disappear.

Must be, yes.
On Mar 18, 6:29 pm, Chagney Hunt <ess...(a)> wrote:
> The whining is more than ludicrous.
> 1. The Penalty: Ball in Lucas' possession, leg sticking out, missed
> ball, a split second later, Lucas' leg connected. Academically
> speaking, that was a foul hence a penalty. Lucas could have made extra
> effort to avoid contact (which would have required athleticism that
> would be questionable considering that he is Lucas), but that wouldn't
> make it less a foul, only less obvious to the ref. Embellishment? Yes.
> Blatant dive? No.
> 2. Kuyt's foul: OK... I don't know what the linesman saw, or didn't
> see. It looked to me like a foul, from an angle that was opposite to
> the linesman and away from the ball. Is it worth making a new Rashomon
> out of it?
> 3. Lille were simply overmatched. They looked psyched out, lacking in
> experiences for big match to me. No legit goal canceled, no break
> called off for wrongful offside, no questionable pen uncalled --
> what's their claim to being robbed?

They probably would have had hard time to qualify, that s true. They
have shown their limits.
But when you got screwed after 5 minutes, it does not help.
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> >
> >> Chagney Hunt a �mis l'id�e suivante :
> >>
> >>>> I insinuate that with both theorical teams with equal
> >>>> levels, it's easier to win when you play in an English
> >>>> team. Most of all Manchester and Liverpool.
> >>>
> >>> Which explains why Liverpool are in th Europa League? :-)
> >>
> >> They were so so bad. It's all.
> >>
> >>> Liverpool have benefited from some comical ref's errors,
> >>
> >> as usual.
> >
> > Aaah, go back to bitching about Attoub and Dupuy. Your
> > Anglophobia is reaching dangerous levels.
> Do you want to speak about Hartley ?

If you can't see the difference between a handbags, pushing, spat, and
cynically lying on the ground and deciding to stick you fingers into
someone's eyes (twice, in the case of Dupuy), then you are seriously