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>> > Reina knew nothing about. the ball hit his bald head and went out :-)
>> Doesn't diminish the importance of the great save!!!
> I dont consider that being a save when it s coming from something you
> did not control

Lucky....Yes, good keeping yes.....

Generally speaking a keeper doesn't control where the striker kicks the

It's an official save for Reina, unorthodox, but I'm sure he controlled
where he positioned himself, had be been a foot either way its a goal!!!

>> >> Fine player is Hazard, big clubs should be on the horizon for this
>> >> fine
>> >> player!!!
>> > I am sure they are lining up already
>> Liverpool are seeing him first hand, they have to be impressed!!!
> AHAHA. he has been playing like that for more than a year now. If
> Liverpool discovers it just now, they should fire the scouting team

You might be taking that in a different way to what I mean, though your
opinion is respected!!!

From: Chagney Hunt on
On Mar 18, 6:49 pm, "ken.over...(a)" <ken.over...(a)>
> On Mar 18, 6:42 pm, SHUSSBAR <shuss...(a)> wrote:
> > so : obvious foul = no call? Dive= penalty, great night for Liverpool
> > then.
> I think that's what is referred to as a 'Magical Anfield Night'.
> Where penalties magically appear and disappear.

It's called home field advantage. And if you think that sort of magic
doesn't happen at Camp Nou, you ought to change your tinted glasses.
From: Adama on

"SHUSSBAR" <shussbar(a)> a �crit dans le message de news:

>AHAHA. he has been playing like that for more than a year now. If
>Liverpool discovers it just now, they should fire the scouting team

But he signed recently (about 2 weeks ago) a new contract with Lille. He is
under contract until 2014 now. He will be expensive.
He is working hard to improve himself and the team, doesn't play divas and
doesn't seem to be in a hurry to leave for a greater club where he will have
to fight for a starting position.

I predict him a boring great career.

Of course, it only takes an agent (or a club president) promising him loads
and loads of money to change all that, but he seems to be more levelheaded
than your average teenage prodigy. I don't see him leaving Lille before

From: Chagney Hunt on

The whining is more than ludicrous.

1. The Penalty: Ball in Lucas' possession, leg sticking out, missed
ball, a split second later, Lucas' leg connected. Academically
speaking, that was a foul hence a penalty. Lucas could have made extra
effort to avoid contact (which would have required athleticism that
would be questionable considering that he is Lucas), but that wouldn't
make it less a foul, only less obvious to the ref. Embellishment? Yes.
Blatant dive? No.
2. Kuyt's foul: OK... I don't know what the linesman saw, or didn't
see. It looked to me like a foul, from an angle that was opposite to
the linesman and away from the ball. Is it worth making a new Rashomon
out of it?
3. Lille were simply overmatched. They looked psyched out, lacking in
experiences for big match to me. No legit goal canceled, no break
called off for wrongful offside, no questionable pen uncalled --
what's their claim to being robbed?
From: ixion martin - GdBx on
Adama �crivit en ce jeudi :
> "Chagney Hunt" <essetm(a)> a �crit dans le message de
> news:
> 370c464f-51e1-4216-b25c-4cc1f31797f6(a)
>>Which explains why Liverpool are in th Europa League? :-)
>> Liverpool
>>have benefited from some comical ref's errors, but they've
>> been at the
>>pointy end too. ManU haven't been much a deal in Europe
>> until the last
>>3 seasons.
> I didn't see the game, but it's just his usual theories about
> conspiracies against french clubs. He has been whining for
> years in the french newsgroup.

Not a theory, facts !

> Heck, his signature means :
> Against a foreign team, when someone says diplomatically the
> referee wasn't good, it's always at the expense of the french
> club.
> At international level, it's sometimes the opposite. In those
> cases, no one forgives us
> (signature he is using ever since the infamous France
> Ireland)

Thanks for translating ;).

Contre une �quipe �trang�re, quand on dit diplomatiquement que
n'est pas dans un bon soir, c'est toujours le club fran�ais qui
En s�lection, c'est parfois l'inverse. Dans ce cas, on ne nous
le pardonne pas.