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>> The Tories will take it comfortably with a majority of around 4000,
>> and I'd be very surprised if either party was putting in much work
>> there (though the Lib Dems might be doing so on the sly, of course).
> Everything the Lib Dems do is on the sly... Recent tricks include
> producing literature that either looks like rival candidates work, or
> producing documents that appear to be from various public sector bodies.

Earlier this week a woman called at the door claiming she was canvassing
on behalf of the Liberals :)

She seemed quite nice so I shut the door on her rather than give her a
rant about how her party wants to reward criminal behaviour and leave us
without power.

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SirBenjamin <bennunn(a)> wrote:
> Spurs v Bolton 1.28 5.5 13.5
> Kevin 41 -> 30 -> 31

BET: I would like 16 on Notlob to beat sprus.
Thank You

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> ****House Off terrible teh Hopefull Youks wrongheaded ghey paper-me-


> Manc v Vile (12:45) 1.91 3.4 4.3

BET: 2 youks on teh Villa to WIN, ta Gillian Duffy.

Cheers, Os
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SirBenjamin <bennunn(a)> writes
>Charlton v Leeds 2.45 3.3 2.5

BET1: Y 1 to t'AWAY win.

>Morley and Outwood 3.8 1.45 29

BET2: Y 1 on the CON win, please.

>Goalie 70 -> 75 -> 76

Goalie of the Century