From: Uncle Dave on
On 28/06/2010 01:53, Dr. Jai Maharaj wrote:
> 'Old-style hooliganism': Violence flares in Leicester Square after
> England's shocking World Cup defeat
> Monday, June 28, 2010

Quoting from the Daily Mail kind of destroys your argument. It's like
quoting Hitler as an expert on Judaism. Hooligans run riot in just
about every town and city in the country each weekend, these happen to
have football shirts on. "Face-off: English and German fans confront
each other" could just as easily be "two blokes having a drink together".

From: Uncle Dave on
On 28/06/2010 15:49, Nusrat, Rowayton, Connecticut wrote:
> To his credit I have to say your critique of Jai maybe misdirected. He
> is from India a land and culture that cherishes peace and tranquility
> above all.

"Peace and tranquility"?! Have you ever been to India? Of course they
cherish it because even with extra thick double glazing and ear plugs
the noise never stops. 24 hours a day, even in comparatively small
towns. Peaceful it ain't. Tranquil it ain't. Unless you get away from
everyone, of course, then it is but so is everywhere else on earth.
BTW, I loved it but to make out it's some kind of heaven on earth is
just nonsense. Vibrant is a good word.