From: Bruce D. Scott on
SHUSSBAR (shussbar(a) wrote:
: Can the Jabulani ball be blamed for France/Italy/England's under-
: performances?

: I wish but no.

: England : not able to get over the non goal even with 45 minutes left
: and probably a referee that would have been very lenient with them
: after that mistakes.
: Italy : too old
: France : Egos and divas can t play football

Very likely true. An object lesson against complacency. France should
have taken the chance to change the trainer out after Euro2008 at the
very least. Then put more emphasis on the younger players and not the
holdovers (no Anelka, no Henry).

Germany just got lucky. Ballack out with injury does seem to have
really helped their team. He's become a complacent, comfortable player
as well. Sort of like the English players. The atmosphere is
completely different in his absence.


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