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Futbolmetrix wrote:
> On May 25, 3:05 am, milivella <milive...(a)> wrote:
>> Futbolmetrix:
>>> Here's an attempt at a Bert Kassies-like ranking
>> Do you mean UEFA-like, or does he compute his own ranking?
> I suspect that UEFA actually copies its ranking from Bert ;-)

Did you use the same bonus values that UEFA now uses ?
adjusting these bonuses eg. to the older UEFA ones for CONMEBOL might be
just the tweaking you need.
>> Great. But you still have the old problem: how many UEFA points does 1
>> CONMEBOL point equals to? I.e. is Sao Paulo (103 CONMEBOL) better or
>> worse than Inter (101 UEFA)? (BTW, it seems to me that you can just
>> consider CONMEBOL points as they are: 1 C... point = 1 UEFA point)
> Libertadores has one fewer round, so that automatically downweights
> the achievements of SA teams. If you use a 1:1 ratio it implies that
> Sao Paulo equals to approximately the 8th best team in Europe, i.e.,
> it would be a top seed in the CL group stage, and would be expected to
> advance to the knockout round almost every year. Boca would be ranked
> around 15-16 (in the Porto-Shakhtar Donetsk range). There's a cluster
> of other Brazilian big names around the 10th position in SA with a
> rating between 52 and 40: they'd be equivalent to Stuttgart, Steaua,
> Everton, Lille, Bayer Leverkusen, Galatasaray.
> My sense is that the ranking of the top teams is about right, but then
> the second tier SA teams should be slightly higher. But that's
> probably because the Kassies/UEFA ranking give too much weight to the
> UEFA Cup/Europa League

Not any more, with the huge difference in bonuses, I would say.

One slight problem I can see is that the Mexican teams that go into the
Libertadores are not the top teams for the previous league season. The
Mexican winners and runners up go into the CONCACAF cup instead. So
Mexico's national rating might be an underestimate.

Incidentally, extending this to the CONCACAF champions' league might
finally give a quantitative basis for comparison of MLS (who play
against Mexican teams in that competition) with various European
leagues. Eg. is MLS as strong as the Norwegian, Finnish, or Lithuanian
leagues ?

> In any case, for the calculation of the NT rankings, the weight chosen
> has almost no effect whatsoever. Not very surprising given that about
> 70% of the players selected for the WC play in Europe.
> D