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Raja, The Great (zepfloyes(a) wrote:

: =93I didn=92t react because I just wanted to concentrate on carrying on
: and making the game fast,=94 said Neuer, who plays for Schalke in the
: German Bundesliga. =93I realized it was tight, but I was quite sure it
: was over the line. I think that perhaps the way I carried on so
: quickly fooled the referee and made him think it was not over.

: He himself isn't sure.

In baseball catchers are trained to snap the ball quickly back to the
strike zone if the pitch was a ball, in order to maximally influence the
umpire. I don't agree that such things are cheating. No one can stop
you from catching a ball in a certain way. And in every sport players
are not expected to incriminate themselves. I did that once in a
softball match (play fair, tell the runner on the opposing team he
missed a base). I got treated like I was a traitor.

Stop cross-posting to you idiot.


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