From: Paul C on
Get well soon!
From: Clément on
Let me add another post to wish you a prompt recovery. I'm rooting for


Luiz Mello
From: The Scrutineer on
Here, here, all for a speedy recovery and good health!!!
From: milivella on
I'm very sad to read this, but I'm sure that you'll be kicking (and
scouting ;) ) sooner than you expect. Go Real Mardin!

From: Lleo on
On 8 maio, 17:10, Real Mardin <real_mar...(a)> wrote:
> hi everyone
> this is to explain why i have not been responding to miniger and other
> threads.
> for the last two and a half weeks now i have been in hospital with an
> extremely painful condition. i am still a resident.
> would rather not go into the details.
> sorry about the lower case but am typingthis from a tinykeypad
> attached to the tv in my new  room.
> take care everyone and live each day to the full, you really dont know
> whats round the corner in this life.
> rm

Hope you get well soon! Good luck!