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Abubakr wrote:
> On Aug 4, 1:15 am, loop <AllegraGel...(a)> wrote:
>> The other way is to cultivate your own youth squads, turn the gooed
>> players you have into better players and get them to play as a team.
>> Have the team managed by a coach that is passionate about the club (not
>> money) and passionate about football.
> Can you give me an example of this method actually working in the last
> twenty years?

One could sort of argue that Stuttgart and Bremen have done this in
recent years in Germany. Of course they have also bought some players,
but not huge money signings. And they have done better that richer clubs
that spent more money.

Villareal might be another example, though they never won any titles.
Their B squad was excellent for several years. Sevilla perhaps as well
(again Sevilla B were a strong side , in the Second Division for a while).
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