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FS: Robinho (Brazil) "Autographed" Photo
Robinho (Brazil) "Autographed" Photo I have for sale full color, glossy autographed photo of Brazilian star, Robinho. The photo measures 4x6 and features Robinho in a game action photo, wearing his Brazilian football uniform. The photo is autographed "Robinho" in black felt-tip marker. Price $65. US plus pos... 3 Jul 2010 06:57
Without looking up (cheating): On 3 Jul., 07:19, crimethriller <crimethril...(a)> wrote: 1.Which world cup final was the first to witness penalty shootout to decide the winner? 1994 Brazil-Italy 2.Which is the European country to win WC for the most number of times? Italy, 4 times. 3.... 4 Jul 2010 19:58
Forget Suarez, Forlan is the best
Forlan is the sexiest and best footballer on view in this world cup and he even scores goals....Messi with his occasional magic comes second...and maybe Schneider and Villa are the other 2 good players to be seen in this world cup. Don ... 3 Jul 2010 06:57
One of the semifinals will be a rematch of a WC classic [R]
Uruguay - Netherlands will be the rematch of a seminal WC match, the one played the 15th June 1974 in Hanover. Arguably the very first time modern football was displayed at such level in international competition in such a complete way, the Dutch, albeit in a very rough form, showed the world what in the next ... 3 Jul 2010 05:53
Suarez, cheater or heros ?
Suarez vs. Henry : Both used their hands Both used their hands : one to get some help to control the ball that lead to a goal, the other one to get some help to stop a ball that prevented a goal. At the end, it can be be argued that they both prevented another team to advance further in the competition. Ques... 5 Jul 2010 08:55
Dear Yellow Canaries
It was an awful run. I am ashamed of my team. ... 2 Jul 2010 18:01
Dear Black Stars
it was a good run. I am proud of my team. ... 3 Jul 2010 13:33
Brazilian Under-17 NT stats
Does anyone have an idea where I can find stats for the Brazilian under-17 national team? In particular I'm interested in who was capped how many times etc. Alternatively, I'm looking for info on one Guilherme (Martins) dos Santos, born 30.04.1988, who was just signed by FC Magdeburg. Can find next to nothing ab... 2 Jul 2010 18:01
Lucky Dutch
On Jul 2, 5:17 pm, d...(a) (DK) wrote: No Suarez against them next game. That is lucky. True, but then Uruguay's quality has been declining as the tournament has gone on. After the initial 20 or some minutes, a lot of their game play was just awful today. ... 3 Jul 2010 06:57
Uruguay [R]
"Ll�o" <lleo_lm(a)> wrote in message news:i0llai$n3o$1(a) .... Why? ... Why not? I second Ll�o question. I'd probably still like to see the Dutch to finally win a WC (I love orange BTW, that would give me the pefect excuse to put orange shirts at the office without ... 4 Jul 2010 13:25
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