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Benny said "will point to his role in England's opening goal
his detractors, and there should be many, will point to his

But Heskey is big and strong and he "demands attention" (why???) so
since he's "perfect foil" and England has "nobody better whatsoever"
Heskey's obviously the 2nd best English striker behind Rooney so he
deserves to play. Or so we're told.


- Dempsey's a big match player isn't he?
- SWP sucks. He can run fast....and that's it. Adam Johnson has more
trickery and a better final ball. Walcott is still up and down, but
beats SWP on speed.
- Heskey sucks.
- Problem is now Green himself will be nervey the rest of the
tournament :(
- Onywenu is an impressive defender. How is he received in Milan?


- Surprised to see the Ninjas whoop the Spartans as comprehensively as
they did.


- Great game by Argentina.
- I hope the other big stars bring it like Messi did today. He was
magnificent. I think he hiimself outshot the Nigerians?
- Intersting that GK is stereotypically the African's weak point. The
Nigerian GK saved them today. It reminded me of Casillas in years
that Madrid have had a porous defense.