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> > Genius on show!!!
> Yet another example of Spain bribing referees to win matches. Final
> score Spain 3 Italy 0. I would like to start an online petition to
> arrest the spanish player for taking an unorthodox penalty kick and
> humilliating the entire italian
> team..........pppfffffffff.hahahahahaha. The face of the italians is
> priceless.
> By the way it was a bet between Canales and Ezequiel and he won 10
> Euros ( more info to submit to the proper authorities :)).

Eh. Unless he thought a double touch or was unsporting but pfft Silly
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> Subject : Wonderful penalty in U19 Spain v Italy (R Warning)
> From : vlade4(a)

> Genius on show!!!

That was fabulous. It's a shame more people won't see it. Maradona
scored a similar penalty for Napoli.

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