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On 11/08/2010 02:42, Justin Thyme wrote:
> "So here are my suggestions for the next round of questions to be tabled
> in Parliament:
> * Why isn�t the Prime Minister giving as much attention to the UK tax
> gap as he is to benefit fraud when it is clear that the gains to be made
> in terms of fraud prevented, resources lost and the law upheld are much
> greater from tackling the tax gap?
> * The Prime Minister has declared it unacceptable that a blind eye be
> turned to benefit fraud costing the government �5.2 billion a year and
> yet tax fraud in the form of tax evasion costs in the estimate of HM
> Revenue & Customs more than �30 billion a year and in the estimate of
> others �70 billion a year. Why is it acceptable to him and his ministers
> that a blind eye be turned to this bigger issue whilst he focuses our
> attention on the smaller one?"
> Basically because Cameron is an immoral piece of dog shite.

It's evasion does cost the state FAR more than the 1% benefit
fraud, but this government is only interested in popularity contests -
and clamping down on the "scroungers" is music to the ears of your
garden variety, Daily Mail reading, politically ignorant Tory voter.

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