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"Justin Thyme" <hel(a)> wrote in message
> "So here are my suggestions for the next round of questions to be tabled
> in Parliament:
> * Why isn�t the Prime Minister giving as much attention to the UK tax
> gap as he is to benefit fraud when it is clear that the gains to be made
> in terms of fraud prevented, resources lost and the law upheld are much
> greater from tackling the tax gap?
> * The Prime Minister has declared it unacceptable that a blind eye be
> turned to benefit fraud costing the government �5.2 billion a year and yet
> tax fraud in the form of tax evasion costs in the estimate of HM Revenue &
> Customs more than �30 billion a year and in the estimate of others �70
> billion a year. Why is it acceptable to him and his ministers that a blind
> eye be turned to this bigger issue whilst he focuses our attention on the
> smaller one?"
> Basically because Cameron is an immoral piece of dog shite.

Easy because people who pay exorbitant taxes have actually got of their
arses and worked and whilst doing that they haven't mugged or hurt someone
else. There are ad always have been people with genuine need but now not
working is a lifestyle choice.

12 billion and rising DLA
22 Billion and rising Housing Benefit.

Take a look at the UK budget pie chart

Note the big 28% social protection slice. Social protection means welfare
Housing benefit, tax credits, income support , DLA

Read this as an eye opener

I've never seen this site before and it seems even handed in its
condemnation of benefit cheats across the racial spectrum.