From: Kevin Conlan on
In article <6p234iF5v6g9U1(a)>,
Sir Benjamin Nunn <bennunn(a)> wrote:
>Wigcunts v W Brom 1.82 3.8 5.1

Give me 12 on West Bromide to bEat the pie eaters
Thank you,

>Kevin 142
From: Cornelius on
On Nov 25, 10:42 am, "Sir Benjamin Nunn" <benn...(a)> wrote:

> Vile v Fulham    1.66    3.9    6.8

AMY on HOME win please.

> Notts Co v Kettering    1.8    3.5    4.2

AMY on HOME win please.


From: nigel on
Sir Benjamin Nunn wrote:
> Vile v Fulham 1.66 3.9 6.8
My system likes this one, but I don't want to push my luck.
> Millwall v Aldershot 1.6 3.65 7
BET1: 41 youks on the loins please joe (home win)
> Notts Co v Kettering 1.8 3.5 4.2
BET2: 3 youks on the poppies please joe (away win)

Can't find Mike Riley in the league listings, so he's probably
going to screw up some little club's giant-killing.

From: Michael Cunningham on
"Sir Benjamin Nunn" <bennunn(a)> wrote in message
> Wigcunts v W Brom 1.82 3.8 5.1
> Mikey 63

BET: 5 Youks on a Wigan win, please, Belinda Ford.


From: Michael Cunningham on
"Sir Benjamin Nunn" <bennunn(a)> wrote in message
> Also, just as I did earlier this year mit DK, I'm going to observe the right and proper
> respect for the other person, and I don't think she particularly wants to be discussed in
> a froup.

I just hope, Ben, that you observe us the same respect by not discussing
the froup with your new girlfriend. Youksef would not wish to be chatted
about behind its back. We'd hate to think you were running to her about
every little issue that arose between us. We're a very private newsfroup,
we'll have you know.


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