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> A few thoughts about the game before signing off
> 1. One can't trust anything green and British to plug a leak.
> 2. Why didn't Gerrard get any help? It's not like Lampard had a lot to
> do
> 3. There must be a better way than having Heskey as the focal point of
> your attack. That shot was pathetic, you're an international player,
> FFS, have some pride.

4. Oh, almost forgot, I hope Dawson is decent.
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> Subject : WC England - USA [R]
> From : anthu_001(a)

> Just in: The FA is allegedly trying to locate Gordon Banks, or at least
> Peter Shilton!

Banks was on a TV show, hosted by a fat comedian, immediately following
the World Cup.

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From: Mike Babyak on
Surely there must be a keeper in one of the US sunday leagues with
English parentage?
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On 2010-06-12, Sid <sid(a)invalid_nerte.invalid.invalid_net.invalid> wrote:
> * anders t [2010-06-12 12:48] []:
>> The most interesting game of all games in the First Round.
>> Hmm... England 4 - 2 USA
>> English scorers: Rooney 3, Carrick.
> You've got to love US coverage. My favourite moment so far is the
> Dodge challenger ad.

I admit having a chuckle over that ad.
Rick ( Umali
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"anders t" <anthu_001(a)> wrote in message
> Quoting Insane Ranter in
>>On Jun 12, 4:26 pm, anders t <anthu_001(a)> wrote:
>>> Well, I don't think Algeria and Slovenia got disencouraged because of
>>> this
>>> game.
>>> Who'll be keeping the goal for England next game?
>>Rachel Brown?
>>Siobhan Chamberlain?
>>Karen Bardsley?
> Just in: The FA is allegedly trying to locate Gordon Banks, or at least
> Peter Shilton!

Bert Williams, England's goalkeeper in the team that lost 1-0 to the US in
1950, has just been awarded an MBE by Mrs Windsor. It would be a nice double
honour for the man if he was picked for England's next match too.

Perhaps Robert Green will receive an MBE in 2070 for services to comedy.