From: Jesper Lauridsen on
On 2010-03-19, Sven Mischkies <hsv83(a)> wrote:
> Chagney Hunt <essetm(a)> wrote:
>> Aren't Volkswagen and Bayer sugardaddies of sort? :-) They may not be
>> as indulgent as Abu Dhabi, but a lot more loyal (well, like Bayer)
> Yes, they are, and so is Hoppenheim - but at the moment Bayer is a good
> way away from teh excesses of a decade ago, VW isn't an example of good
> management and Hopp is too new.

These days Bayer isn't paying more than what a regular shirt sponsor would.
Hoffenheim haven't been spending much, despite the disappointing 2009.