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> >> > Part of the problem is people thinking that it matters whether or not
> >> > it's deliberate in all cases. It doesn't.
> >>
> >> Of course it does. It has to be intentional.
> >
> > Of course it doesn't, as numerous officials have stated in the past.
> >
> > If your arm is away from your body and stops the ball on the line, it's
> > a penalty - period
> Not it isn't, only if it's intentional. Look up the rules.

Tell it to the officials.
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> Latin America has one quarterfinalist and is guaranteed two more,

Actually one more, as Brazil and Chile play each other. Of course, Argentina
is a heavy favorite against Mexico.

> plus Paraguay has an excellent chance to make it four!


Luiz Mello

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> Ideally, referees should not have to determine intent.

Not ideally, that's the norm drilled into referees. Intent shmintent,
what did they "do" .

The expectation at this level of play is that the athlete has
exceptional body control and little that happens is accidental, but by

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> Interesting. Did you know that you can't hold your shinguard in your
> hand and whack at the ball? Or that the word "handball" does not
> appear in the laws?

All referees in the group will know.
It's "handling the ball" of course.

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> 7,000+ empty seats?  Embarassing for both FIFA and South Africa.
> Gamewise, Uruguay dodge a bullet in the 2nd minute as Park Jisung is on
> a good run, has two teammates with him in good positions each, and flubs
> his attempt to pass to one of them.  A good pass and South Korea is on
> the board in the 2nd minute, I think.

The empty seats are no real surprise. The Africans could not support
coming out to the matches on their own accord. Too poor.