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>> Marco Motta Udinese - Juventus ()
>> Leonardo Bonucci Bari - Juventus ()
> Simone Pepe Udinese - Juevntus (loan)
> Jorge Martinez Catania - Juventus ()
> Marco Storari Milan - Juventus ()
> Whooppeee! With these fantastic reinforcements, watch out for Juve in
> the scudetto race!
> D (as in Depressed)

Last year at my team (Parma) was young striker by the name of Davide
Lanzafame, who when picked to play done very well, good on the ball, fast
but prone to being outmuscled easily, well he is now officially on loan to
Juventus for the season and for me I think he will do well if given a good
partner and some minutes!!!

David Lanzafame (Parma) Palermo - Juventus (Loan)

A problem with elder under performance perhaps?
36 - Del Piero
34 - Camoranesi, Legrottaglie
33 - Grosso, Salihamidzic, Manninger, Trezeguet, Storari
32 - Zebina
31 - Iaquinta
30 - Amauri, Poulsen, Grygera

All of whom are first team players, and often play most of the time!!!

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> Well once the WC is over, expect a flood. Have you checked the BBC
> transfer
> page?
> --

Nope, I usually rely on another source for absolute confirmed transfers, but
I will have a gander!!!

A flood I'm expecting too, the teams really have only a few weeks to sign
players if they are to be part of the pre-season, and not too long after
that as most players will become cup tied as all the UEFA competitions
begin, but yeah, I'm becoming unsettled too as there hasn't been much

Particularly as Mark Schwarzer might be on his way to the mighty Gunners,
your take on Mark?

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: On Jul 5, 5:12=A0pm, b...(a) (Bruce D. Scott) wrote:
: > MH (MHnos...(a) wrote:
: > : Binder Dundat wrote:
: >
: > : > Jerome Boateng HSV to Manchester City. $20Mil(probably the best young
: > : > defensive prospect in Germany.)
: >
: > : Is he really? =A0What about Hummels and H=F6wedes ?

: I did not see too much of them but they are rated higher by Kicker for
: whatever that is worth? I just personally think Boateng is a really
: good player. Then again i really liked Beck as well and he may never
: see the national team again?

Sometimes a downturn in form at the wrong time can do lasting damage,
especially if someone in front of you in the pecking order has a good
run. See Kirsten/Bierhoff. Also, a bit, the same with Scholl.

Andreas Beck was really strong in the season before last, much less so
last season. I'm not sure about the other two, or why Hummels didn't
get a look. Maybe (as some would argue) it's that BvB players aren't
getting enough respect. Of course, both howedes and Hummels have finite
chances if they really step it up in the next WM cycle.


drift wave turbulence:
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On Jul 6, 4:52 pm, b...(a) (Bruce D. Scott) wrote:

> Looks like a damp squib actually...  nothing today either.  But
> Ballack...  I think he wants to make a ruckus in Germany.  Did you see
> Lahm's comments today?  :-)   It might even damage Germany for him to
> start on that now.  A bit of a mistake from him to let himself get
> dragged into the captaincy discussion before the end of the World Cup.

Yes, I hope it doesn't do any damage.

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On Jul 4, 11:21 pm, "The Scrutineer" <vla...(a)> wrote:
> Confirmed

> Plus many, many more, all that have () are undisclosed, and feel free to add
> any relatively high profile transfer as you please!!!


Torres to Chelsea for 40m pounds.
Ibrahimovic to City but Ibra says only if he's the highest played
player in the world.

Also Yaya Toure is on 160K per week? (not begrudging his riches, I
don't "hate" rich people or footballers, just that it's funny seeing
Yaya making that much compared to other top quality footballers.
That's got to be a top 5 salary no?)