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Wow. Soccer at its finest is like a battle at sea, while you
wonder which ship will go down. My loyalties were split but I
remarked at 1-1 that I really didn't want Brazil going out of the
tournament yet. However, they royally deserved it, as it turned out.

I personally would not sell the Dutch performance short. They
passed far more boldy and quickly than in any other game. They were
slow to shoot which cost them some chances, and they depended too much
on Robben. The Brazilians had evidently decided that Robben wasn't
going to beat them. He didn't, but they lost anyway. I am amazed, by
the way, that they haven't switched Kuyt and Robben to let them play
on their natural sides for a while.

Brazil nearly went up 2-0 through Kaka. He missed a great chance
to equalize late when he didn't cut in front. The Dutch defense was
very solid after that one terrible lapse. One of the great things
about this Cup is that play is improving as we go along.

All this, plus what promisesto be a very entertaining match in an
hour, plus Germany-Argentina tomorrow AM! Fabulous.

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