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On Tue, 29 Jun 2010 11:21:07 -0700 (PDT), Quincy <abydr(a)>

>On 29 Jun., 20:07, Neil Gerace <grassyn...(a)> wrote:
>> Quincy wrote:
>> > Ridiculous.
>> It is not the draw that's a joke. It's Italy and France.
>That's true. I hate them.
>PS: I am not sure of what group Japan came from and I don't want to
>know it as I only would get angry.

This is pathetic. The whole point of tournaments is that you must
perform on the day. The fun of tournaments is that every one includes
surprises. If you rate the quality of the tournament by the success
of your team I feel sorry for you. Italy and England sucked, and they
are gone. That's called life.