From: +mrcakey on
Just for fun, and because I was bored, I made this:

Lots of wild guesses of course. What does everyone think?


From: Chas on
Interesting - glad to see I'm not the only one who's bored!

Adam Johnson on �70k p.w.? Seems an awful lot for a relative youngster.
Probably more like half that?

My guess is that Santa Cruz is worth about �5m, he's been awful since he
joined and his last season at Blackburn wasn't much better.

Jo? What do League 1 strikers sell for? Less than �5m I would guess.

And �190k p.w. for Yaya? Or anyone for that matter?? Please no...

And if Vieira's really on �150k p.w., I'll give up me seasoncard...

If you're right, the wage bill alone is around twice turnover. Eek!

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