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On Jul 8, 6:30 pm, Mehdi <Be...(a)> wrote:
> Barcelona aren't as boring as Spain but overall you make a good point.

Agreed, by 'them' I was referring to Spain rather than Barca. Barca
had more direct options that allowed them to mix things up a bit more,
and Messi is more fun to watch than, say Pedro.
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Mark V. wrote:
> On Jul 8, 3:30 pm, Mehdi <Be...(a)> wrote:
>> > Subject : Sneijder and Real Madrid
>> > From : ken.over...(a)
>>> On Jul 8, 4:46 pm, Mehdi <Be...(a)> wrote:
>>>> The question you should really be asking? Is Xabi Alonso the reason
>>>> Spain are now so utterly boring to watch?
>>> This is actually really interesting to me; in spite of my high regard
>>> for Barcelona, I have to admit I can see the boredom in watching
>>> them.
>>> I think the reason is because of their pressing: they tend to cluster
>>> for ticca-tacca which works well upon giveaways because everybody's
>>> right there ready to pounce like a pack of terriers. In practice, it
>>> sort of becomes even more defensive than catenaccio because the
>>> defensiveness gets extended over the entire damn pitch. They resist
>>> any type of attack that gives the ball away so no crosses, long
>>> passes, quick breaks.
>> Barcelona aren't as boring as Spain but overall you make a good point.
>> I wonder if the reason Spain have been so effective is because they've
>> yet to face a team with a World Class DM?

Maybe, though I think they have enough positional flexibility to use
more width if they ever encountered such a team. Even if its not their
optimal style.

> Sunday's result may come down to whether or not Lyle Lovett look-alike
> Van Bommel or de Jong can stay on the pitch, then.
Those two will be huge, no doubt. I am 95% sure MvB doesn't stay on
the field the whole time, so Holland better score early.

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