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jvazquez(a) wrote:

: Sergio Romero, Argentinean goalie, asked if the should apply
: technology to football: =93Football is for tricksters (=93vivos=94), not fo=
: r
: technology=94. Press conference in Pretoria a few minutes ago.

: =93If they bring technology to football it will be the end for great
: players=94.

: Hehe

: This piece of cynicism we have have to suffer for a long time in South
: America.

: Also, asked about the half time incident with the Mexican bench, said
: that two Argentinean players, which I can=92t remember, were laughing
: about something and that the Mexicans, and named No. 10 (I think
: Cuauthemoc Blanco) as the one who challenged the South Americans.

If you take those two and turn the tables, the encounter would have been
similar. Neither are experts at taking what they dish out. It's like
players who come up laughing openly when they win a penalty with a dive.
Even in the faces of the opponent.


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