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Huw Morris <no(a)spam.please> wrote:

> Mark V. wrote:
> > I'm highly skeptical that the US fan reaction HAS been any worse (or
> > better than) the reaction that any other team's fans would have (how
> > do you think Spanish or Italian fora were in 2002?) been.
> Per capita, you're probably right. It's just that there are more and more
> Americans with each major tournament. RSS has been awful with whinging from
> just about everyone. I just wish people would get a sense of proportion.
> Referees make mistakes - it's part of the game. Nobody has been getting
> screwed and there are no conspiracies.
> Huw

Indeed, they do, but I think the frustration is that the technology now
exists to eliminate many of these errors - it is just that Blather and
FIFA refuse to move into the 21st century. I don't agree with Donovan
about it holding up the game, either. The technology exists to make many
of these "calls" automatic and instantaneous, it is just that FIFA
refuses to try and develop it.
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Mark V. wrote:

> Stay off the other message boards, then. The US fans on RSS have been
> fine!

They have indeed. We Australians are the worst. Everyone says so :-)
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On Jun 24, 5:46 am, William Clark <wcla...(a)>

> Indeed, they do, but I think the frustration is that the technology now
> exists

You'd be wrong then.
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On Jun 24, 9:34 am, Dwight Beers wrote:
> On 06/24/2010 04:47 AM, Jim Goloboy wrote:
> > Here's a pic, angle isn't great but it's the only I've seen:
> >
> > When they drew the line on the television broadcast his feet were
> > definitely onside, but the way he was standing I thought maybe his
> > knee was offside. Impossible to tell from that angle, and certainly
> > the linesman, even with a better angle, wouldn't have been able to
> > call that win any certainty. Very close.
> > It all worked out in the end so I think we can move on.
> My question:  did he actually, gain an advantage from his position.
> It seems to me that all Dempsey did was help along another Herculez
> goal. In other words, I think it would have gone in if Dempsey hadn't
> even been there.

Assuming he was in an offside position (and I am not convinced he
was), the fact that he did tap in the ball is enough to establish he
did "gain an advantage from his position".

I see what you're asking, but the rule is not about wondering what
would or could have happened had him not been there. He was there, and
he interfered with play.

Let's leave at least this part as it is, it's complicated enough
already! =)))


Luiz Mello
From: Chagney Hunt on
On Jun 24, 4:02 am, Huw Morris <n...(a)spam.please> wrote:
> I only saw brief highlights of the USA-Algeria match. My initial reaction at
> the offside goal was that it was correctly called, but I haven't seen a
> replay. Is there a screen grab shot that shows definitively whether it was
> offside or not?
> I'm getting pretty tired of the whinging from fans of all sides here on rss,
> and on other message boards, and the Americans seem among the worst. While
> they have a legitimate complaint about that dreadful call vs. Slovenia, the
> Algeria "goal" was so tight that it's the sort of decision that can go for
> or against you. For that matter, I'm not convinced the offside goal England
> "scored" yesterday was actually offside either, but I haven't seen a replay
> of that either.
> Huw

Given how tough it is to determine "being level" as not all different
human body parts can be compacted into a block, I've seen referees
explaining that you should only call offside when there was "daylight"
between the players.