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> > Another great end game involving Uruguay. They really go for it until the
> > very end. Too bad that they couldn't do it again.
> > Hats off to la celeste. GREAT World Cup by them.
> Seconded.
> D

Thirded :-)

They played with guts and could have won.

Coach Tabarez said in the press conference after the Ghana match that
the players "had to put what they had to put" to win that game. He
didn't mention out of politeness, but he clearly mean balls.

Juan Vazquez

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On Tue, 6 Jul 2010 13:28:55 -0700 (PDT), Starcade
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>On Jul 6, 1:26�pm, anders t <anthu_001(a)> wrote:
>> I have a feeling, though, that this will be regarded as the true bronze
>> game. And tomorrow is the true final.
>Agreed. Though it would be less so now, because the Netherlands do
>have a bit of an underestimated tradition.

The Dutch can surely win.

Benny take note for your review--I think Forlan got hurt with
about 20 minutes left. He had a serious collision with a defender,
was very slow to get up, and didn't look well at all for at least five
minutes after that. And then he comes out with about five minutes
left and then they score!
>I would not rule them out in a one-shot Grand Final.

Hardly!!! They are certainly even money at least against either of
those two. They still aren't playing up to their potential, and
Uruguay were fabulous today.

Actually I'm really looking forward to the third place match!
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>>On 6 jul, 16:29, "Futbolmetrix" <futbolmet...(a)> wrote:
>> "Ll�o" <lleo...(a)> wrote in message
>>> Hats off to la celeste. GREAT World Cup by them.
>> Seconded.
> Thirded :-)

Tetrated ;)


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Sven Mischkies wrote:
> Futbolmetrix <futbolmetrix(a)> wrote:
>> <KaiserD2(a)> wrote in message
>>> Van Bronkhorst's goal was very similar to the one Haan scored
>>> against Italy in 1978 to put them in the final. It was from almost
>>> the same spot, and took almost the same trajectory, even though Haan
>>> did it with the top of his right foot and got some reverse spin on it.
>>> Zoff and Fulsera dived vainly in just the same way.
>> The incredible thing about GvB's shot is that it had the trajectory of a
>> normal football, not a Jabulani!
> No, the incredible thing about GvB's shot is that he was allowed to take
> it and that the ref let MvB's red card seconds offense seconds earlie
> slip.

I didn't notice any offence, let a lone a red-card one, in the
build-up. Will have to find a way to re-watch the situation.

But apart from that, isn't everybody happy that Holland won? We want
a repeat of the '74 final, after all!

No, no, you can't e-mail me with the nono.
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On Jul 6, 5:41 pm, Manx Gunner <goal(a)4thegunners!.com> wrote:
> [Ll o <lleo...(a)>]
> [Tue, 6 Jul 2010 17:26:37 -0300]
> : Too bad that they couldn't do it again.
> Too bad that they couldn't cheat their way forward again?  Are you quite
> mad, sir, or do you just enjoy chaos?

The only cheater on the pitch was dirty Van Bommel.
Would you please stop this nonsense?

Thanks for the show, Uruguay!

Jesus Petry
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