From: Starcade on
20' 0-0 in the rain.

Someone please wake the game up.

From: Starcade on
40' 0-1 (Alcaraz 39')

WELL WELL WELL, as the ESPN people say.

First real chance of the game (and definitely the first chance for
Paraguay) comes from a great delivery by Torrez to get nailed home
from Alcaraz, and the defenders are 0-1 down!!!

Definitely against the flow of play, but no real chances from Italy
this morning.

From: Starcade on
HT 0-1 (Alcaraz 39')

Wow. Almost no chances for Paraguay (and it's not like Italy has
gotten any real crackers), except...

Oh for the love of GOD... This Go Daddy ad just SUCKS...

.... for the one chance -- and all it took was one, and Paraguay is
ahead at half time.

From: Starcade on
Buffon out injured. No word on what...

From: Google Beta User on
ESPN Announcers saying Italy losing would be a "real stunner"? Uh, no.

Paraguay's not New Zealand.

Italy's not Brazil.