From: Bruce D. Scott on
MH (MHnospam(a) wrote:

: 1982 was the first year we got full coverage here in Canada - all on CBC
: and CBC French. I have fond memories of that tournament since it was the
: first I was able to follow extensively (well the EUro 1980 was the first
: but I was in Germany for that as a summer student). Since then it has
: been TSN and SPortsnet, at least partially (CBC involved last time),
: until this year, when CBC got exclusive rights again - they have done a
: super job not only showing the maximum possible number of live games on
: free-to-air TV, but also rebroadcasting 2 games every night in prime
: time/late night, promoting the tournament heavily even in
: newsbroadcasts, and streaming every match live on their web site, as
: well as keeping all matches there for view on demand.

The only organisation anywhere this good for us has been ESPN. I hope
they keep it for the foreseeable future.


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