From: Real Mardin on
How does PPV football work in your country?

I ask because in the UK Primetime broadcasted last week's Rabotnicki v
Liverpool Europa League qualifier as a pay per view game. The game
cost £4.99 to view live.

Nothing too out of the ordinary there. What did raise an eyebrow,
though, was that Primetime continued to broadcast repeats of the game
at £4.99 a pop all the way up to this evening.

I know repeating the broadcast for the full fee is standard practice
with boxing and wrestling event, but football is different. Seriously,
maybe I'm out of touch, but it's hard to imagine even the most avid
Liverpool fan paying £4.99 to watch he already knows the score to 5
days after it was played at 10.30am on a weekday morning. I'd love to
see the viewing figures for some of the viewing slots - wouldn't be
surprised if some of the broadcasts went totally unviewed.

When Sky's Premiership Plus used to PPV games, the matches to the best
of my recollection, weren't repeated (not for five days after the
match, anyway), which seems to make more sense.

So how does PPV football work in your country? Are the games repeated
or if you miss the live broadcast is that it?

By the way, I think Primetime should be commended on the price - £4.99
for a match is very reasonable, in my opinion. I just can't see the
merit of repeating the same game umpteen times into the following
week. It would be more understandable if the price was gradually
reduced as the days went on.