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>>>>>>>> probably 13-18m pound range.
>>>>>>> Come on, why would according to Red Devil, Fergie spend all that money
>>>>>>> and a poor mans Darren Fletcher.
>>>>>> The academy isn't producing what it once did!!!
>>>>> Our recent trophy hauls would suggest otherwise
>>>> I have no dog in this fight, so don't take this the wrong way: your
>>>> statement does *not* disprove his. The trophies are not necessarily
>>>> correlated with academy success. In fact, a case could be made that
>>>> short term success can be gained by investing in buying players.
>>>> Mart
>>> It's a fact that most United starting lineups contain at least 50% of
>>> players that have graduated through the youth system. Compare that
>>> with any other successful English teams
>> Oh sure. And I'm quite willing to believe that their youth scheme is
>> part of their success.
>> However, logically your statement is not a refutation of the
>> original. It is quite possible that the recent trophy hauls are due to
>> smart buying of players. Without an exhaustive analysis of each player's
>> part in the successes, you can't make definitive statements.
>> Mart
> Manchester United have always had an excellent youth system, it's the
> very root of what the club was founded upon. The club's most
> successful period coincides with one of it's best periods of bringing
> youth through the ranks. It really started with the teams they brought
> up through the 50s. The greatest players to have worn the shirt nearly
> always have been players that the club developed itself, I'm talking
> about names like Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, George Best, Duncan
> Edwards, Bobby Charlton, David Beckham

Still, RD, your statement is not a refutation. The successes over the
last few years, and indeed further back, certainly owe a lot to
Fletcher, O'Shea, Evans, Brown, Scholes, Giggs, Beckham, Butt, Nevilles
x2 etc (though the 50 % figure is a bit of a stretch - Evra, Vidic, van
Der Saar, Ferdinand, Rooney, and C. Ronaldo would all have been first
choice the last couple of years, with at least one of Anderson, Carrick,
Park, Berbatov, Nani, Tevez or Valencia probably thrown in as well), but
that is no guarantee that the current youth system is still churning out
those kinds of players. One could argue that the
Giggs/Scholes/Butt/Beckham/P. Neville/G. Neville crop has not been
equalled since.

So it is possible (but it remains to be seen) that the Academy is not
producing as it once did.