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>> Hello.
> Hello.
> Well, I didn't do very well last year, and I'm not well versed in flux
> capacitor steps and WC co-efficients, so I tried just sticking a pin in
> the fixture lists

.... and came up with this:

Arsenal vs Aston Villa
Birmingham vs Blackburn
Blackpool vs Bolton
Chelsea vs Everton
Fulham vs Liverpool
Manchester City vs Manchester United
Newcastle United vs Stoke City
Sunderland vs Tottenham
West Brom vs West Ham
Wigan vs Wolves

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Arsenal - Wigan
Birmingham - Everton
Blackpool - Bolton
Fulham - Manchester United
Manchester City - Tottenham
Liverpool - Newcastle
Sunderland - Aston Villa
West Brom - Blackburn
West Ham - Stoke City
Wolves - Chelsea

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>Aston Villa
>Birmingham Blackburn Blackpool
>Bolton Chelsea
>Manchester City
>Manchester United
>Newcastle United
>Stoke City
>Tottenham West Brom
>West Ham Wigan

I like the idea of a joint Birmingham Blackburn Blackpool team and Spurs
and West Brom were clearly made for each other. West Ham Wigan could
play at Sincil Bank. That should avoid any crowd trouble. Not sure
about Newcastle and United though.

But seriously...

Aston Villa v Blackpool
Blackburn v Arsenal
Bolton v Fulham
Chelsea v West Brom
Liverpool v Wolves
Manchester City v Sunderland
Newcastle United v Everton
Stoke City v Manchester United
Tottenham v Wigan
West Ham v Birmingham

Goalie of the Century
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From the Lloyd-Webber FreeAds site:

Please note: Fixtures are subject to change. The BBC is not responsible
for any changes that may be made.

Saturday, 14 August 2010
Aston Villa v West Ham, 15:00
Blackburn v Everton, 15:00
Blackpool v Wigan, 15:00
Bolton v Fulham, 15:00
Chelsea v West Brom, 15:00
Liverpool v Arsenal, 15:00
Man Utd v Newcastle, 15:00
Sunderland v Birmingham, 15:00
Tottenham v Man City, 15:00
Wolverhampton v Stoke, 15:00

Without even looking I pronounce Ben the winner.

(Did he actually post an entry?)

Michael Cunningham wrote:

> Hello.
> With all the excitement of the world cup, it would be easy to forget
> about the greatest and most important competition
> of all -- the UKSF Opening Day Fixture Prediction Competition.
> It's been running since 1999, has no scoring system, doesn't
> really have a point, has never had a winner and definitely never will.
> It really is the perfect competition.
> Simply predict the opening day fixtures and that's that. It
> couldn't be easier. No-one will check if you've won or not because
> there's no scoring system, which makes it all the better. Your 20 teams
> this year are:
> Arsenal
> Aston Villa
> Birmingham Blackburn Blackpool
> Bolton Chelsea
> Everton
> Fulham
> Liverpool
> Manchester City
> Manchester United
> Newcastle United
> Stoke City
> Sunderland
> Tottenham West Brom
> West Ham Wigan
> Wolves
> The fixtures are announced on Thursday at 10am so you should
> probably try to have your entries in before then. Or don't. You
> can enter after that if you like. I don't mind. Best of luck to all
> entrants.

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> Please note: Fixtures are subject to change. The BBC is not responsible
> for any changes that may be made.

That bit always makes me laugh, as I can actually detect a note of
bitterness in it. It's as if it actually reads 'the BBC no longer has the
kind of prestige or finances to influence the scheduling of major

> Without even looking I pronounce Ben the winner.

That's just crazy-talk. Ben can't win the ODFC. It might not have any
rules but if it did, that would definitely be one of them.

> (Did he actually post an entry?)

He did. And it was quite possibly the worst ODFC entry I've ever seen.

'Ben the winner' indeed. Next you'll be saying 'Ben in a loving


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