From: JK on
anders t wrote:
> Prediction:
> 3-0

4-1, just like in 98.
From: Clément on
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> anders t wrote:
>> Prediction:
>> 3-0
> 4-1, just like in 98.

This has the potential for a great game. I won't predict any scores, but
will waste a little bandwith on...

Why Brazil should win:

- On paper, they are the superior team;
- Chile is a good matchup for them, as the offensive team they are they
should concede the space Brazil enjoys so much to unleash their counters.

Why Chile should win:

- While some other teams won't give Brazil a lot, if any, space, these teams
also don't threaten Brazil's solid defense. This is obviously not true of
Chile, who have the audacity and the quality up front to pose Brazil
- They played Brazil a lot in the last 4 years, and know them as very few
opponents do. They surely learned a lot from the past encounters.

Key to a Brazil win:
- Don't change the approach that gave them a 5-0-0 record against Chile
during Dunga's tenure. Don't be overconfident, keep focus, be patient, keep
possession and wait for the right time to strike with their typical
efficience. There will be chances.

Key to a Chile win:
- Don't change the approach that qualified them to the World Cup with
relative ease, made them one of the more pleasant teams to watch in the
entire competition, and earned them a r16 spot in a tricky group. Bielsa (a
coach I admire) gets it: this is not the time to stop playing to Chile's
strengths. While they are not, and should not, be satisfied with a r16 exit,
they are the ones with nothing to lose today. And an opportunity to make

The next hour can't pass quickly enough.

Good luck, JGN!


Luiz Mello

From: Futbolmetrix on
"JK" <jknapp(a)> wrote in message

> 4-1, just like in 98.

That's what I think as well.


From: Google Beta User on
Alves is going to be a midfielder for this game. Does he play there
sometimes for Barcelona?

Also who is the "good" Suazo, is it Honduras Suazo or Chile Suazo?
From: Insane Ranter on
Here goes the Brazilian diving!! That one gets a 10!
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