From: Darth Simian on
Frank Rijkaard

I have foreseen it.
TO ALL GODLY PEOPLE, In the Citie of London. Having thought it needful
to warn you of the Mischiefs and Evils practiced in the Sight of God
by those called Freed Masons, I say take Care lest their Ceremonies
and secret Swearings take hold of you; and be wary that none cause you
to err from Godliness. For this devllish Sect of Men are Meeters in
secret which swear agains all without ther Following. They are the
Anti Christ which was to come leading Men from Fear of God. For how
should Men meet in secret Places and with secret Signs taking Care
that none observed them to do the Work of GOD; are not these the Ways
of Evil-doers? Knowing how that God observeth privilly them that sit
in Darkness they shall be smitten and the Secrets of their Hearts
layed bare. Mingle not among this corrupt People lest you be found so
at the World's Conflagration.
Set forth as a Warning to this Christian Generation by M Winter,
and Printed by R Sare at Gray’s Inn-gate, in Holborn. 1698.
From: Pakistan Meteorological Department on
Darth Simian wrote:

> Frank Rijkaard
> I have foreseen it.

Kenny. The only man in these circumstances.

"Entire units of the Metropolitan Police and the Flying Squad and the
drug squad were Freemasons. They all, in the end, were sent to prison.
When you are bonded by an oath of mutual defence and loyalty, you may
well find that it is extremely difficult to squeal on your corrupt brethren"

Martin Short on BBC Newsnight 19/03/01
From: BrianE on
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great_sage_equal_of_heaven_(a) says...
> Frank Rijkaard
> I have foreseen it.


Thar's gold in them thar hills
From: Baldoni on
Darth Simian was thinking very hard :
> Frank Rijkaard
> I have foreseen it.

Stan Boardman.

Count Baldoni

From: Swerve on
On 5 June, 19:18, Baldoni <Baldoni...(a)> wrote:
> Darth Simian was thinking very hard :
> > Frank Rijkaard
> > I have foreseen it.
> Stan Boardman.

That I'd like to see, the scouse Focke
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