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"The Scrutineer" <vlade4(a)> wrote in message
>>> You may be on a high, for me I hope Lippi gets what he deserves, NO
>>> ridicule, it's easy to be an armchair expert
>> You don't know what has been going on in Italy the last year in the
>> media...if you only knew.
>>> some people have already forgotten what he achieved with the team four
>>> years ago!!!
>> I don't think so.
>> At Juve he had a huge management team behind him, including Moggi.
>> The last WC was a fluke.
> Well I dont know about fluke, I hold firm to the belief that the best team
> always wins, regardless of other teams that may be more talented.

I do too, I don't judge the win from the team as a fluke, I judge the
coaches win as a fluke.

We had greta players in 2006.

> He was replaced by Donadoni, who lost in Euro2008 to the eventual
> champions in a shootout, and the people in charge sought him out, maybe
> the board jumped the gun.

The board should have appointed Capello, Prandelli or another young coach
from the start.

There are some fine young coaches in Italy, anyone would have done better
than Lippi.