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On Jun 13, 9:13 am, Kaise...(a) wrote:
>   The NY Times headline  today (story by Longman) is "Goalkeeper's
> Blunder Costs England a Victory."
>    To which I reply, bullshit.  That sounds like the blunder occurred
> in the last minute of the game. England had 86 minutes to score a
> second goal,. and they couldn't do it.  The US had plenty of chances
> and certainly played well enough for a tie.  This is really typical of
> the way the British press, in particular, covers England.  If they
> were ever really superior they might actually win a match by more than
> a goal once in a while.

Yes, but the goalkeeper's blunder gave the US the only goal it _got_.

The only dispute I have is with the British saying that Green cost
them three points. He cost them two -- they did get the one for the