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Clarkoo wrote:

> Well if you read the statistics of WC10 you'll see that Spain was the
> most attacking side of the tournament. It had the most shots on goal
> of any team. Spain numbers are deceiving. It also clearly had one of
> the est defensive systems of any team in the history of the WC
> conceding only 2 goals. Spain was far from mediocre. The best way to
> describe Spain in WC 2010 is sophisticated. Very clinical approach to
> the game. Flawless really.

Yes, exactly like Greece 2004...

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> > > In my lifetime Italy 2006 definetely and Brasil 94. I'm also told that
> > > Argentina 78 were pretty bad and they needed "an extra push" (if you
> > > know what I'm saying" to win that WC.
> You mean Spain were good this year? LOL
> I would say they were worst than Italy in the last WC.

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I've always found it amusing how people would talk about teams that
they did not see based on a book or a few articles they have written.

I find it amusing how so many teams tried to copy Italy's overall
approach, specifically the flawless defense of last tournament, but we
get stuff like what Holland and Brazil did, and very little criticism
of their approach.

I think it's cute Spain did it too, to a lesser extent trying to keep
some of that useless million and two passing at the center of the
pitch, tossing it away in desperation late game and going for the
direct goal, or a set piece miracle / corner kick, etc.

Anyway, both Italy 06 and Brazil 94 would have handed Spain a
footballing lesson this cup. Even a two year older Italy, without
Pirlo, Gattuso and Cannavaro all capable and in form, countered and
nullified a better Spain two years ago.

Spain, probably the best team of the tournament, behind Brazil this
year, and certainly play acted more than any other team.

Anyway, enter the muppet gallery with talk about how Italy are the
best at this particular strategy...don't forget to mention Mussolini,
Moggi and make some reference to racism while you're at it.
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"Clarkoo" <gables0(a)> wrote in message
>. I'm also told that
> Argentina 78 were pretty bad

Who told you that?