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Jenkins outed as a poof! PMFSL!1 -- "Entire units of the Metropolitan Police and the Flying Squad and the drug squad were Freemasons. They all, in the end, were sent to prison. When you are bonded by an oath of mutual defence and loyalty, you may well find th... 31 Jul 2010 12:57
Electric Cars Good for the Environment?
Hmmm, I wonder where they get all that generated electricity from- low Co2 fairy dust? ... 7 Aug 2010 13:43
Red Bulls baby. MLS dominates your top EPL teams.
lol and we cant stand soccer in the US. LMAO ... 8 Aug 2010 03:46
Vidic signs long term deal with United
Nemanja Vidic agrees new Manchester United contract Nemanja Vidic Vidic joined Manchester United for �7m in 2006 Manchester United central defender Nemanja Vidic has agreed a new "long-term" contract at the Premier League club, says chief executive David Gill. Vidic, 28, joined United in 2006 for �7m from S... 23 Jul 2010 20:17
Or Parrot Molester Dermoid Cyst. Please tell me where I live or better still call me. ... 24 Jul 2010 11:18
FAQ: Is Paul Briggs a Freemason?
On Jul 23, 1:27 pm, Darth Simian <great_sage_equal_of_heav...(a)> wrote: -- "They can at least tell me, 'I'm sorry.' They were supposed to be Bill's brothers. Well brothers don't treat brothers that way." Mrs Wendy James, wife of a n... 23 Jul 2010 18:05
Hall v Power Sithcast
Hall Wins in Round 2 I have foreseen it. -- It is in this final "Blue Lodge" degree that that candidate is laid out "in death" and is raised from the dead by the "Worshipful Master" of the Lodge (representing King Solomon), using the "strong grip" (or "Lion's Paw") of the Master Mason. ... 23 Jul 2010 16:59
I remember
When this used to be a Manchester United group used for conversing about Man United and having a bit of banter with fans of rivals. Now it's full of dickheads going on about religion and Masons. ... 25 Jul 2010 09:46
off topic greatest living peoples
On 21 July, 18:48, Baldoni <Baldoni...(a)> wrote: Mental, Jesus is very much alive and living and sits at the right hand of the Father. Can you prove it? Yes of course I can Oh, go on. Give us a laugh. Actually, just proving the father has a right hand would be cl... 26 Jul 2010 20:33
Is Paul Briggs a Freemason?
"Darth Simian" <great_sage_equal_of_heaven_(a)> wrote in message news:eb3f67f1-7250-45ca-85c5-cf71a374235e(a) -- Is he a member of the Conservative party as these memberships go hand in hand? ... 23 Jul 2010 09:14
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