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Yesterday, Jens Voigt crashed when his front tyre exploded at 70 kph on the
Col de Peyresourde.

He picked himself up and shouted for a working bike. The only thing they
could manage was a junior bike three sizes too small. He jumped on it, set
off and the race doctor stemmed the blood and bandaged him up as he chased
the peloton. "My ribs are hurting but hey, broken ribs are overrated

There are two ways to leave the Tour de France. One is by reaching Paris,
the other's in an ambulance.

Cadel Evans is riding with a broken wrist.

Gesink has a broken forearm.

Tyler Farrar's wounds won't heal, but he cycles on even when the temperature
heads towards 40 degrees.

It's a tradition. Eddie Merckx won the Tour with a broken jaw wired shut.

On the other hand there's this: