From: HASM on
"Bob" <Bob(a)> writes:

> You apparently come here that one month in four years because bad calls
> and what to do about it are almost always on topic here.

I only post around the Euro and World Cups, which are the only games I see
in almost real time.

I record lots of EPL, La Liga, Euro and WC quals, but usually I'm at least
a couple of weeks behind, and thus don't read rss that often to avoid
knowing the results of the games. When I read, I restrict myself to old
posts, and thus most discussions are already stale.


From: Huw Morris on
HASM wrote:
> Even on the standard diagonal system, ARs refrain from calling a few fouls
> that are "obviously" the CR's responsibility. I can see the extra
> referees (GR, goal-referees?) deferring to the CR a lot in the future,

As a linesman, the instruction I usually got from the referee was: if you
see a foul, take a quick look at the referee's position, and don't give a
foul for an incident which the referee has obviously seen, and allowed play
to continue. Of course, that doesn't apply if you genuinely believe the
referee was blindsided by an incident. Sometimes you'll catch the referee
looking your way, which usually means he's not sure and wants you to make
the decision. The Assistant Referee is there to assist the referee (hence
the change of name) not to make calls for the referee. A subtle, but
important distinction.