From: Futbolmetrix on
On Jun 13, 6:52 pm, Chagney Hunt <ess...(a)> wrote:
> FT: 1-0

There goes my sophisticated prediction...

From: Gabbage on
On Jun 13, 11:42 am, Alkamista <alkami...(a)> wrote:
> On Jun 13, 11:41 am, Chagney Hunt <ess...(a)> wrote:
> > On Jun 13, 11:37 am, Chagney Hunt <ess...(a)> wrote:
> > > Two matches on Sunday, both awful. Supposedly madskillz Serbian
> > > wingers can't trap a ball nor deliver a decent cross, Vidic looked
> > > every bit the limited thug I occasionally suspect that he is, Zigic is
> > > a bean pole that can't head, Ghana look better than their warm-up
> > > games suggested, but painfully short of ideas in attacks.
> > > Serbia's down to 10 men and amazingly carved out the best chance of
> > > the game, but Pantellic embarrassingly swung at thin air with the
> > > whole goal to aim at.
> > LOL. Another complete dumnarse hand-ball. Penalty to Ghana. 1-0.
> What travesty of justice was that Serbian defender bitching about? Is
> he not aware of close-in action replays?

Moreover, what the hell was he thinking? That was the most unnecessary
handball I've seen in a World Cup.

Upset of the tournament so far. On paper, the Serbian starting XI is
arguably as good as Germany's.
From: milivella on

> On Jun 13, 6:52 pm, Chagney Hunt <ess...(a)> wrote:
> > FT: 1-0
> There goes my sophisticated prediction...

My picks for the unsophisticated prediction were:
Mexico... check
England... check
Serbia... check
To go: Germany, Italy, Chile.

Talking about kisses of death.


From: Starcade on
FT Ghana 1 - Serbia 0 (Gyan 84' pen)

Entertaining, though technically dreadful match.

Almost in the way of "We got spirit, yes we do -- we got spirit, how
bout you?", the crowd seemed to make the match more entertaining than
it was. Absolutely no finishing whatsoever, as several dangerous
chances (most of them for the Africans) went wanting....

That is, until Lukovic got sent off in 74th on his second yellow after
a clumsy hold and tackle. That seemed to wake Serbia, as, in the next
eight minutes, FOUR chances went wide for the 10-man Serbs.

Then, the first penalty of the tournament, as Kuzmanovic stupidly,
unnecessarily, and idiotically fisted a ball in the box. Gyan
converted for the three points for the Africans.

He should've been sent off too -- if not for the nature of the
handball, for his dissent afterward additionally. C'mon, dumbass --
everyone can see you fisted it off completely unnecessarily.

I don't like the Serbs chances for advancement. They lacked all sense
of finishing and more than a little discipline.